Kit and Kaboodle + We Have a Winner!

Long before summer officially turns to fall the seasons change. The hurry-up-and-have some-fun days of summer turn to the frenetic BACK TO SCHOOL DAZE. As you watch the kids drift back to school with their new backpacks, doesn’t it give you the itch to learn something new? You can always come by The Woolery to take a classbut if you aren’t heading our way there are other ways to tackle a new fiber skill from the comfort of your own home.

How about checking out one of our spindle kits? Just out, is Maggie Casey’s Get Started on a Drop Spindle DVD. We have kitted it up with a Schacht 3 ounce (4-inch) hi-low drop spindle,1/2 pound of Blue Faced Leicester, 50 grams of Skacel pencil roving (seriously all you have to do is add twist!), and a free pattern from Schacht to make your first knitted project with handspun. With Maggie at your side, a beginner-friendly spindle (no need to worry if you drop it—that is built into the name!), easy-to-learn-on fibers, and a first project you can hardly go wrong.

BUT if you are like me I jump in with both feet. The Woolery has teamed up with Weavolution to help support some of their Cyber Fiber classes. Starting on September 19, Kentucky’s own Traci Bray will teach you all you need to know to transform sheep’s fleece into a handwoven shawl—all from the comfort of your own home! We have kitted up all the supplies you need for the class. If you aren’t familiar with Weavolution’s Cyber-Fiber classes check them out here.

Hey and speaking of winners, Elizabeth and Elaine are our Woolery Gear T-shirt winners.  Says Elizabeth, “Wow it’s really cool that there is now Woolery Gear and even cooler that proceeds go to charity.  I’m excited to shop!”  Elaine is planning her first trip to The Woolery in September. Why don’t you come too?

Chris, Nancy, and the entire Woolery team!


2 responses to “Kit and Kaboodle + We Have a Winner!

  1. When I go to the Weavolution website the spinning class isn’t listed there. Are they no longer offered?

  2. That class started on the 19th. Check back later to see if Traci will offer it again. Amelia Garripoli is teaching a drum carding class in October. We have a lot of drum carders to choose from.

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