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Felix The Alpaca

We have a little heartwarming story to get you in the Christmas spirit today. The other day one of our Customer Service Specialists, Kelli, wasn’t having the best day ever. Dani, our Customer Service Manager, wanted to cheer Kelli up. Out of the goodness of her heart and creative spirit, Dani took a few minutes of her own time to needle felt Kelli a little surprise. Dani knew that Kelli has an alpaca named Felix so she took some cream wool and created an alpaca for her.

What she didn’t know was that Felix has little plastic pool that he loves to cool down in during the summer when it’s hot.  There is a little blue bowl that Anna, another Customer Service Specialist, had needle felted earlier that was hanging out under the cash register that would make the perfect pool. So of course, we stuck needle felted Felix in his needle felted pool.
At the end of a long day, we were able to recreate the summertime picture of Felix in his pool using some Weeks Dye Works Wool and the talents of our team. Kelli was sufficiently cheered up so we’re sharing this story and the photos with you to brighten your day as well!

What’s New At The Woolery – November 2017

We’re starting something new on the blog, every month we’re going to give you a run down of some of our favorite new products! We are always getting so many new items that it’s easy to miss some great things, so this will give you the chance to stay in the loop. Let’s get to it!

Felted Acorn Kit

Felted Acorn Kit

First up we have this completely adorable Felted Acorn Kit. It arrived just in time for Fall decorating. This is a wet felting kit so it’s great for kids (no sharp needles involved) and it comes with instructions and materials that are perfect for the beginner felter. If you are looking to start needle felting we also have a new Needle Felting Starter Kit!

Guatemalan Shoulder Bag

Guatemalan Shoulder Bag

The day these came in everyone working immediately flocked to them and started picking out their favorites. They come in 3 different sizes so they will work for any bag need you have. Plus they have a super useful pocket on the back side that is the perfect size to keep your phone safe. Also if you’re giving Fair Trade this year, this would be a fantastic present!

Tubular Spectrum Cotton Yarn

Tubular Spectrum Cotton Yarn

You know we love yarn so we are always excited when a new one comes in, but look at those colors! These are really special cones of 100% mercerized cotton. They come in over 25 colors that are vivid, intense, and very color fast. Keep your hand woven projects looking great even after several washings by choosing the right yarn.

Ivory Tussah Silk Top

Ivory Tussah Silk Top

If you’re a spinner who hasn’t tried silk yet, this is for you! Tussah silk is regarded to be easier to use for handspinning than bombyx silk because it is slightly coarser (but still will make very silky smooth yarn) which makes it feel less slippery. This light color will be perfect for dying and you’ll have your own beautiful handspun silk skeins in no time.

Schacht Lilli Loom 

Schacht Lilli Loom

Weave on the go! This new travel sized tapestry loom from Schacht is the perfect loom to accompany you while you are out and about. You can set the warp to either 6 or 12 ends per inch so it is versatile as well as portable. It also features no slip teeth so your warp isn’t going to go anywhere while you take your project with you.

Presentation is Everything: Handmade Touches For Gifts

As the holiday countdown winds down, why not put a few handmade finishing touches on your gifts this year? If you ran out of time to make gifts for everyone on your list, adding a small handmade flourish using a few of our ideas below will still show the recipient how much you care!

PomPomPompons instead of bows: a great way to destash yarn, plus they can also be used as an ornament for your tree!

yarnwrap Replace ribbon with yarn to create striking stripes or a woven effect.

embellishments Decorate packages with small embellishments you can needle felt, knit or crochet such as miniature wreaths, holly, snowflakes, or anything else you can dream up!

giftbagsEco-Friendly Gift Wrap: Knit or crochet gift bags add a personal touch to store-bought gifts!

All of these projects (and more!) can be found via our “Presentation is Everything” Pinterest board! Join Us for the 12 Fiber Toys of Christmas It’s Toy Season! This Friday, we’ll be featuring a new favorite fiber toy with a special deal and a chance to win that particular toy (tool) – click here for more details! Chris, Nancy, and the entire Woolery team!

Get Hooked: Rug Hooking 101 + Master Felter Pays A Visit

The one thing that all spinners, weavers, dyers, felters, knitters, hookers—need I go on—share is a love of our base material.  Perhaps that is why we are so nutty about rug hooking around here.  The materials and designs so enticing! If you aren’t familiar with the process (and even if you are) you will enjoy the resources on our rug hooking  how to get started page.  In particular, check out the video by Gene Shepherd, who gives a great demonstration on the beauty and basics of the craft. 

We want to give one lucky reader/fan/follower a chance to win an adorable beginning rug-hooking kit featured in our last blog.  Simply post a comment about any rug hooking expereinces you have had even if it is none! We will pick a winner a week from now (no foolin’).  It’s time to get hooked!

Leslie Samson Workshops

Speaking of beautiful, enticing materials we are thrilled to host the marvelous felter Leslie Samson in May. Leslie has taken felting to another level with her exquisite approachable designs. Leslie is a master at wet, needle, and nuno felting. Felt wool and beyond, by making wearables to wall pieces. Leslie will teach three workshops: Botanical Felting, Scribble Lace Scarf, and Felted Tapestry. (You might even spot a bunny or two hopping around.)

We would love to see you here in May or any other time! Of course we can visit   online anytime.

Chris, Nancy, and the entire Woolery team