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What’s New at The Woolery – June 2018

How has your Spring been going? We’re about to kick into Summer and we have been preparing by stocking up some fun new stuff!

Bluegrass Mills Silk Yarn

Bluegrass Mills Silk










We are so excited to have this new, exclusive to The Woolery, 100% Extra Grade Mulberry Silk yarn! It’s available in both 20/2 and 60/2 in 8 vibrant colors. This is the perfect yarn to make your next weaving project extra special. Please note that this yarn is sold by the cone, not by weight, each cone is about 250g of yarn (+/-3%).

Snyder Glider Turkish Spindles

Snyder Glider Turkish Spindles










These are each individually handcrafted by Scott Snyder and come in a few different exotic hardwood options like Zebrawood, Tiger Maple, Padauk, and Leopardwood. Each one is a unique work of art. There are 3 different sizes: Mini, Medium, and Large, so there should be one to fit every spinner’s different needs.

Deluxe Book Charkha

Deluxe Book Charkha










Imported from India this is the authentic “Gandhi” Charkha Wheel. You might recall Ben Kingsley in the movie spinning on one of these. Hand-crafted in teak by an Indian firm for domestic users (yes, they are still used today), the most popular size is the book Charkha.

This deluxe model provides the familiar smooth “feel” of spinning on a traditional spinning wheel.

Lots of New Books!


We started carrying over 20 new books! They focus on all types of different fiber arts: dyeing, weaving, spinning, just about anything your heart could want. Peruse over our Books/Magazines  section of the website to see what we have. One of our more unique book offerings is Wool and Wine by John Martin. This book tells the stories of the people behind unique pairings of yarn and wine – how they got their start, where they are headed and what has happened along the way. Captured in 175 stunning photos and featuring 12 family run wineries and 12 independent dyers from across North America and Europe, the book brings together yarn, wine, food recipes, knitting patterns and projects from some of today’s most prominent knitting designers in a fun, engaging package with a little something for everyone.

KISS Triangle Looms

KISS Triangle Looms YouTube Video

Continuous Strand Weaving is one of our favorite weaving methods and these triangle looms are a great platform for it! Use these triangles looms to make all kinds of projects from scarves, blankets, purses, vests, and skirts. Loom disassembles for easy transport and storage. They come in 3′, 4′, and 5′ sizes (size measured by the length of the hypotenuse).

Banana Top

Banana Top

Unique fibers are something that we are always on the lookout for, so we can’t wait to share this Banana Fiber with you! It is a natural bast fiber.  Due to its lightweight and comfortable hand, banana fiber is popular in Japan for use in summer wear as well as traditional kimono and kamishimo garments.

Banana fiber blends easily with cotton and other natural fibers. It is similar in appearance to bamboo and ramie fiber. However, banana fiber is finer and easier to spin than either bamboo or ramie. Our favorite feature is: it is biodegradable and has no negative environmental effects, a true eco-friendly fiber.

We hope you are as excited by all of these fun new products as we are!




Make Your Fall Extra Fibery!

With Spinzilla just around the corner and cooler temperatures on their way, we’ve got spinning on the brain! Team Woolery is already full for this year’s Spinzilla event, which takes place October 5-11, 2015. We’re excited to welcome spinners near and far to our team, and will be sharing details about our team events and the grand prize drawing for a $100 Gift Certificate here in the Team Woolery thread on Ravelry. Each of our team spinners on will also receive a lovely spinning apron as a gift from the Woolery and Strauch Fiber Equipment!
The Woolery is proud to host a team for Spinzilla 2015!Even if you won’t be spinning with us, we have some Spinzilla specials you may wish to take advantage of, such as our specially priced Monster Mile Fiber Packs and our Rosie Spinning Wheel Maintenance Kits. We also recommend stocking up on extra bobbins for your wheel and ensuring you have the necessary tools to measure your yarns and wind them into tidy skeins for future use. We have niddy noddies, yarn meters, ball winders, swifts and more to make your craft room complete.

How to Wind Yarn on a Turkish Spindle
Today’s tutorial is the second installment in our Turkish spindle series – click here if you missed our tutorial for getting started with a Turkish spindle! Once you’ve started spinning, you will need to periodically stop to wind your yarn onto the arms of the spindle. There is a special method to create a center-pull ball of yarn as you spin!
How to Wind Yarn on a Turkish Spindle on the Woolery BlogBeginning as close to the shaft as possible, wrap your yarn under the first arm and then over the next two arms:
How to Wind Yarn on a Turkish Spindle on the Woolery BlogAnd that’s really it! You will continue in this manner, wrapping the yarn under one arm, then over the next two in a clockwise fashion. Each wrap will be shifted to the right as you go, and you will build from the center out til your spindle looks like this:
How to Wind Yarn On a Turkish Spindle on the Woolery Blog (image via creative commons, click for source info).Once you have filled the space between the arms with wrapped yarn, it’s time to start the next layer by once again wrapping the yarn close to the shaft and working from the center out.

When you’re done, you can easily remove your yarn by removing the shaft and then sliding out the smaller of the two arms first. Once both arms are removed, you will have an easy-to-use center-pull ball of handspun yarn!

All the best,

Wave, Perri & the entire Woolery team

The Fiber Toys of Christmas will return to the Woolery in October! Stay tuned for amazing deals on your favorite fiber toys!The Fiber Toys of Christmas are returning for another year! Stay tuned for more details; we’ll be revealing the first fiber toy on Friday, October 16. We recommend signing up for our newsletter or following us on Facebook, Twitter or Ravelry to be notified of each weekly deal!

Meet Wave & Perri + Getting Started on a Turkish Spindle

Since making our announcement on last month’s blog post, we’ve received some requests from our customers who would like to get to know the Woolery’s new owners just a little bit better. Wave and Perri are very excited about owning The Woolery and look forward to continuing the mission of providing a wide variety of quality supplies and equipment at a fair price to the fiber arts community.

perri22Perri will use her retail background to ensure that The Woolery continues to offer the best personalized customer service possible. In addition to rug hooking and cross stitching, Perri enjoys restoring antiques and assigning Wave “Pinterest Worthy” projects for their home.

wave22Wave’s marketing background will help ensure that The Woolery continues to lead the way in offering interesting and unique new products. Wave will also focus his efforts on the e-commerce experience offered by The Woolery. Wave’s outside interests include woodworking and photography.

Married for more than 30 years, Perri and Wave have two grown sons and make their home in Lexington, KY. They look forward to joining you on your fiber journey!

Being able to take your handspinning project with you wherever you go can be especially handy during the summer months. Vacations, picnics, and other outings don’t have to mean that you leave your spinning at home! A Turkish drop spindle travels well and is quite easy to use – and when you’re finished spinning or plying,  the spindle slips apart, leaving your yarn in a neat ball that’s ready to use!

One of our own spinning gurus, Taevia, has a unique way of starting a spinning project on a Turkish spindle which doesn’t require a leader. She has shared her step-by-step process with us this week so that you can give it a try, too!


Step One: Begin with a small amount of spinning fiber. Gently wrap one end around top of shaft and secure with one hand.


Step Two: Using your other hand, begin to draft out more fiber, wrapping it around the shaft a few times.


Step Three: Draft the fiber some more and introduce enough twist to produce a single ply in your desired weight.


Step Four:  Wrap your yarn a few more times around the shaft, then loop it over your index finger as pictured above to make a half hitch.


Step Five: Place the loop over the shaft of the spindle and pull the working end of the fiber up – this will secure your yarn, allowing you to continue spinning!

Step Six: Now you’re ready to spin!

As you amass more yardage, you will need to wrap your yarn around the arms of the spindle. The standard way to do this is to wrap your single over two arms, then under one arm as you tension the working yarn and slowly rotate the spindle as you wrap. This will create a ball of yarn that is wrapped around the arms of your spindle, allowing you to fit a considerable amount of yarn on your spindle, depending on the weight of yarn you are spinning. When you have finished spinning or plying, simply remove the shaft so that you slide each arm out of the yarn ball you just created!