Get Hooked: Rug Hooking 101 + Master Felter Pays A Visit

The one thing that all spinners, weavers, dyers, felters, knitters, hookers—need I go on—share is a love of our base material.  Perhaps that is why we are so nutty about rug hooking around here.  The materials and designs so enticing! If you aren’t familiar with the process (and even if you are) you will enjoy the resources on our rug hooking  how to get started page.  In particular, check out the video by Gene Shepherd, who gives a great demonstration on the beauty and basics of the craft. 

We want to give one lucky reader/fan/follower a chance to win an adorable beginning rug-hooking kit featured in our last blog.  Simply post a comment about any rug hooking expereinces you have had even if it is none! We will pick a winner a week from now (no foolin’).  It’s time to get hooked!

Leslie Samson Workshops

Speaking of beautiful, enticing materials we are thrilled to host the marvelous felter Leslie Samson in May. Leslie has taken felting to another level with her exquisite approachable designs. Leslie is a master at wet, needle, and nuno felting. Felt wool and beyond, by making wearables to wall pieces. Leslie will teach three workshops: Botanical Felting, Scribble Lace Scarf, and Felted Tapestry. (You might even spot a bunny or two hopping around.)

We would love to see you here in May or any other time! Of course we can visit   online anytime.

Chris, Nancy, and the entire Woolery team


282 responses to “Get Hooked: Rug Hooking 101 + Master Felter Pays A Visit

  1. I love that sheep!
    I’ve made only one thing, at a rug hooking class I took 5 or 6 years ago. I’ve been saving up old sweaters to chop up to hook rugs when I retire and hope to actually make some rugs when that day rolls around.

    • I have a couple of hand-hooked stool/chair toppers I bought at Maryland Sheep and Wool, and I keep NOT buying a starter kit there every year. I’d love to try it without a big investment. The sheep is super-cute!

    • I’m a spinner and have lots of yarn. Weave but don’t find it satisfying … rug hooking? … perhaps a new outlet for all yarn!
      Tropical Twister

  2. Rug hooking looks like fun. I’d love to learn

  3. Did some rug-hoopking when I was a kid but nothing as adorable as this!

  4. Last rug hooking was about 25 yrs ago. Really liked it but couldn’t find supplies out here.

  5. I’ve tried latch hook but I’ve never done real rug hooking. I’d really like to try it.

  6. I did some latch hooking when I was a little girl but would love to try rug hooking!

  7. I’ve tried latch hooking, but i have never done rug hooking. Would love to learn how to do this art. Going on my to do list.

  8. I did something similar to rug hooking years ago and made little hangings for everyone in my family. I can’t remember what it was called though. I’d love to give this a try!

  9. I knit, spin, and weave, but have never done any rug hooking. I love fiber and I love a new challenge.

  10. I visited a local shop that offers lessons. Would love to try it one day.

  11. I am a happy hooker. It’s part of my multiple fiber addiction problem.

  12. Lotsofhermies on Rav

    I did latch hook one project at about 8. I love the sheep rug though.

  13. I’ve had no experience with rugs, other than watching others do it. The sheep is adorable!

  14. I made a Santa rug when I was a child and really loved the experience. I have dreams of creating my own “rug paintings” one day.

  15. Did some latch hook years ago but always wanted to try real rug hooking. And that lamb is adorable!

  16. Have never tried it, and have wanted to for years and years! fingers crossed 🙂
    quinn on rav

  17. Mmelanie Smith

    Rug hooking has been one of those crafts I have always wanted to try and learn. There is a great teacher that teaches at local fiber fairs however when she is teaching I’m teaching so I haven’t been able learn yet. I love the sheep. Here’s hoping I get picked

  18. I have tried my hand at rug-hooking – but, it wasn’t very pretty. But, I do love that sheep – and I decorate my home in sheep – so…maybe I’ll get to try it again…

    nhsarab at yahoo dot com

  19. Oh. How. CUTE! Thank you for the chance to win!

  20. My mother made a large (8’X10′) punch hooked rug in the 60’s which one 1st prize in our county fair.

  21. Love that sheep! I made several rugs, years ago. This design tells me I should probably put down the knitting and make some rugs this summer. : )

  22. I have never tried rug hooking, have done lots of latch hooking. Looks so pretty and soft

  23. I did a small hooked rug a few years ago, it was a kit with Tigger on it; the boys loved it back then, but not so much now.

  24. Rug hooking was one of the crafts I used to use with some of my students.

  25. lindaran on Ravelry

    That is so cool! I’ve latch hooked years ago (about 30!) and then saw this style at a local fiber festival and was captivated. I’d love to try this out.

  26. I love making rugs… I have tried latch hook, punch loop and crocheting with wool roving… I would love to try this… and i figure one day i will… but it would be nice to win one…

  27. This looks like so much fun, I would love to have a go at rug making.

  28. I’ve only done some latch hooking. I’d love to try the “real” thing

  29. My sister used to have a rug making kit and I was so envious, it would be wonderful to make a small ‘sheep rug’ for my niece.

  30. Christine Hall

    I saw a demo of rug hooking at our weaving guild meeting. This looks so much better than latch hooking. I would love to win this prize!

  31. Being a knitter, a wheel-spinner and spindler, of course I am mad about sheep! I would be tickled to win!

  32. pick me! pick me!

  33. I made a latch hook rug that took me about 4 years when I was a kid. Now I am much quicker about finishing projects (most of the time)!

  34. I hooked a rug for my parents many, many years ago. Probably about 45 years ago and they loved it. Would love to give it a try again for my granddaughter to have it for her room :~)

  35. I did some latch hooking as a kid with my mom. Together we did one of the Tasmanian Devil.

  36. My rug hooking experience consists of looking a pretty finished pieces.

  37. I have been so interested in trying this; just never quite found the right tools; have done latch hooking and am currently locker hooking a rug for my youngest. What got me interested were some demonstrations at a living history museum in Oregon 🙂

  38. MaryAnne Williams

    I have never hooked a rug – my huscand, however, does hook fish – but this sheep rug would be the perfect first time project. So cute!

  39. My grandmother use to do rug hooking, I remember watching her every move. I was not allowed to touch it, but when she left the room I had a go at it. She was not angry, she knew I was a yarn kid, but she did remind me that I was not old enough (was around 4). I still think of rug hooking and have not tired it…hmmmmmm perhaps a new craft to explore!

  40. Oh I love the cute sheep. I have never done a rug or anything felting for that matter. This would be my first felt project.

  41. I don’t have any experience with rug hooking, but love learning more fiber arts!

  42. I’ve done some locker hooking in the past, but not rug hooking. The kit sure is a cute way to learn!

  43. Elizabeth Monahan

    I’ve always wanted to try hooking. I grew up with a huge floral hooked rug that my grandfather made from old draperies during the depression.

  44. I’ve never hooked a rug, but this cute little sheep rug could tempt me. I do remember both my mom and my grandmother making rugs – braided and hooked. They sure lasted a long time.

  45. I’ve always wanted to try rug hooking. Maybe now I can. 🙂

  46. Linnea Cebelinski

    I haven’t tried hooking before, but every year that I attend Shepherds Harvest in MN, I am in awe over it. I would love to win this kit and try it out!

  47. I’ve never hooked a rug but that would sure be a cute one to learn on!

  48. Jennifer Moore

    I have never tried rug hooking, but just got a spinning wheel for Christmas, so I will be looking for all kinds of new ways to use my spun fiber!

  49. I’ve never had the pleasure of rug hooking, other than latch hook… and that I loved. I’ve seen this done, and often admired both the process, and the end result. I’d love to win this… to add to my fiber arts processes.

  50. Jamie Doskocil

    I’d love to learn a new skill and this kit looks too adorable for words.

  51. I used to do hooked rugs as a kid & had a lot of fun. My favorite was a lady bug pillow because it made my mom smile. Now I spin, knit & sew but my mom still smiles when I make her something. It would be fun to add hooked rugs to my crafting once again.

  52. Would love the chance to win this rug kit! I have done a small pillow sized project years ago, and have been eyeing rug making booths when I’he been at fairs such as the Sheep and Wool Festival. In a word – yummy!!!

  53. I’ve done latch hooking as a kid, and haven’t picked hooking up as an adult . . . yet. I like the artistic possibilities it provides.

  54. Lucy Kilpatrick

    I tried rug hooking years ago with my handspun wool, but didn’t quite achieve the look I wanted. Now as a Waldorf Kindergarten teacher, I have many opportunities to do and expand on the fiber arts. Seeing this article/ video reminded me of how fun rug hooking is and would be for the children as well.

  55. elizabeth roche

    I love all things fiber and would love to get “hooked” on rug hooking. Just adore the sheep pattern and my fellow spinners and knitters would get a kick out of it.

  56. I have fond memories of watching my father-in-law hook rugs as a quiet pastime. I wish he were still with us to see that I am now raising my own sheep and could give him my handspun to work with. I’d love to try, myself.

  57. I’ve made two hooked fabric seats. Lots of fun. It’s so very easy to learn! I love the primitive style of hooking.

  58. My grandmother’s house had her hand-hooked rugs at the entrance to every bedroom. I cried when the last one unravelled, and I’d love to learn to make something like this for our home.

  59. I’ve never tried it. Always up for something new and always looking to add to the sheep collection 🙂

  60. I’ve never tried rug hooking, but I’d love to try it. My grandmother-in-law used to do it, but she doesn’t remember how to teach me (she has dementia).

  61. When I was a child, I tried latch-hooking a rug. It seemed fiddly. But, now, I realize I was probably also bothered by the cheapness of the yarn involved. It was acrylic. Now, as a spinner, I’m contemplating trying it again.

  62. I have only done rug hooking when I was a teenager with the kits you could buy at michaels or acmoore. I loved them. I would love to give this a try

  63. I was a latch hook fanatic when I was a kid but haven’t done it in years… I keep thinking rug hooking would be right up my alley! I’d love to try it.

  64. I’ve never done rug hooking (unless latch hook counts) but it sounds like fun.

  65. As a kid, we did latch hooking – there were lots of oranges and browns. It was the 70’s and it looked like a shag rug hung up! But we sure had fun making it!

  66. It’s the last craft I want to adopt and I’ve wanted to do so for quite some time. I just need the push. LOL

  67. Lisa Fernandez

    Latch hooked a rug kit with a dog on it, about 40 years ago!

    Would LOVE to learn how to do this.

  68. I just purchased a new Snapdragon rug frame from The Woolery. I LOVE the new frame. I am new to rug hooking and this frame tilts, turns and makes hooking so much more comfortable. My first project is a 27 x 63 linen and I am really enjoying “painting with woolens”.

  69. I’ve not tried rug hooking, but I would love to try. This little rug would be so perfect in the farm kitchen! While the farm cabin is being built, I’m knitting pillows, crocheting filet crochet curtains, and maybe I’ll be rug hooking too! I’ve not been too fond of fabric stip crochet rugs and much prefer woolen punched rugs which I have done before. The punched ones look a lot like this sheep but with thinner wool strips.

  70. I began a rug hooking kit for a brick doorstop many years ago and never finished. I would love to finish that and start a new project.


  71. I’ve never tried a rug but made a latch-hooked pillow many years ago. My mother-in-law has made some fantastic hooked rugs, and with her as inspiration, I’d love to give it a try!

  72. Never hooked a rug. Looks interesting.

  73. I could easily get hooked on rug hooking! I’m hooked on so many other aspects of fiber arts that this would just be natural to me! I like the sheepy kit there, too!

  74. The only rug hooking I have done is latch hook but I would love to try this technique. A friend of mine does this and has done some beautiful things. I spend most of my time quilting or corching but would welcome learning to do this. You can’t have too many craft skills.

  75. Shere'e Robinson

    The only rugs I have made are the old Latch Hook rugs that were popular in the 70s. I made a couple of them for the house.

  76. Jacqueline Hartzell

    I started my crafting life doing latch hook rug kits. One of my former bosses does this and shared her work with me once. I would love to win this kit and get started learning on my own :~)

  77. I began a rug hooking kit in 1980 and didn’t finish it until the end of 1981. It now hangs on our bedroom door. I did enjoy making it but it took me longer than I anticipated.

  78. I would love to learn how to do this! I used to latch hook as a child but I have never done a proper rug hook

  79. I did a latch hook rug about 30 yrs ago – a 12″ square horse & rainbow that I designed myself. My last rug was a counted cross stitch oriental rug for a doll house that took me 10 yrs to finish.

    My teen daughter has an artistic streak and I could see her “painting” in wool this way, so it will go to her if I win it.

  80. Years and years ago, I hooked a set of small rugs that I stapled onto my antique dining room chairs. The light blue with the indigo ornate patterns added a rich accent to the mahogany chairs and table I refinished. Then I went on to hooking a number of cartoon character rugs with the kids. Surprisingly, even my son enjoyed hooking. The sheepie is very cute. My grandaughter would love to learn how to hook that with me when I go to visit soon.

  81. Did some rug hooking in High School, would like to do it again!

  82. Tina Vandegeer

    I have always been interested in rug hooking, and watching this video really made my creative juices flow. Now I really want to get started 🙂

  83. This would be a good opportunity to try something I
    have never done before. Not only interesting but I
    would be able to recycle in an artistic way.

  84. I’ve worked in many different fibre medium but never rug hooking…this would be a sweet kit to start on. Besides, my daughter’s middle name is Lamb, so she would love it as a gift!

  85. I love rug hooking, our library has an annual display from the local rug hooking group called the Happy Hookers. I would like to win this kit and get started. Thank you. Karen M.

  86. Wow! The sheep rug is cute. I remember doing hooked rugs in middle school. What fun! Maybe it is time to rediscover the art!

  87. That is a really great instructional video, it makes rug hooking look very approachable. I hope to try it someday. It reminds me some of threading the reed for my loom and sounds like a great way to recycle some fabric scraps or old t-shirts. Thanks for sharing!

  88. Love the sheep and would love to learn how to hook a rug. The kit is a great idea!

  89. I remember doing some rug hooking as a kid, but I haven’t done it in a long time. I’d love to learn again, though!

  90. It was sooooooo long ago that I made a little hooked rug. I can’t even remember what the image was. When it was finished I couldn’t think of walking on it, so I hung it on the wall.

  91. DJ Plonczynski

    I hooked rugs 40 years ago, and then again about 10 years ago – each time a slightly different method (loop vs pile). This looks like a great variation and a good start to an old favorite.

  92. As a child I designed my own rug, we used burlap as the rug base and cut the yarns outself – I made a lion with a long mane – I would love to win this little sheepish kit! 😀

  93. Tried a bit of rug hooking last summer at a needlcraft show. Was great fun! Would love to give this cute little sheep to my 2 year old granddaughter.

  94. I think s sheep would be a great little rug since I also love spinning and knitting!

  95. I’ve collected lots of raw material for rug hooking, bought lots of supplies, acquired some books, had the best of intentions, but haven’t done much more than a few rows in one project. Thanks for the inspiration to go back to that project this weekend!

  96. I saw beautiful hooked rugs made from hand died woolens at the Common Ground Fair in Maine and made up my mind that I have to try to try hooking someday.

  97. I’ve never done any rug hooking, but I always get a chuckle out of seeing articles in the local paper about hookers’ meetings…

  98. I would love to try this! I knit, crochet, felt and spin but have never “hooked”. Thanks for the opportunity for a starter kit.

  99. I would love, love, LOVE to win this darling sheep! My only attempt at rug hooking was a toilet seat cover (which looked like a first attempt sadly) and it was one the items that my ex inherited.

  100. Phyllis Caccioppo

    That kit looks so adorable! I’d love to make that.
    I haven’t rug hooked in years, but I used to love it.

  101. Zero experience other than walking on rugs. A beginner kit looks like a good place to start.

  102. Erin Doolittle

    So cute – count me in!

  103. I tried rug hooking several times very briefly and just didn’t get it. Tried again a few years later and I think I could do it now. It is amazing what some people do hooking rugs and I would love to give it a proper try.

  104. Adorable kit. Just started rug hookinf last week with my mum. We are obsessed with all things wool and it seemed like it was “time we learned.”
    I am making a tote bag with a bee skeptic since I’m a beekeeper and mum is making an iPad case. Now I need a cutter, a frame, maybe a new hook and of course more wool!! Slippery slope.
    Love Linda’s post about a toilet seat cover and giving to her ex! I would never have considered a seat cover for a toilet…and I don’t think I will ever 🙂 Hoping to win the kit and make it into a small bag for all my hooks I plan to collect!

  105. I’m an avid spinner and knitter but have never tried rug hooking. I watched the intro. to rug hooking video and it looks fascinating. A starter kit for rug hooking would be a great way to introduce myself to yet another new fiber craft!

  106. I’ve only hooked yarn to a crochet needle. I’m gladly willing to expand my knowledge by learning to hook a rug 🙂

  107. My only experience with rug-hooking has been the kits sold at craft stores made with the pre-cut acrylic yarn that result in a “shag” style rug. I made them as a child and a few of my kids have made them. I confess that while the process of making one is reasonably pleasant, I have no great love for the finished product. I’ve always wanted to try “real” rug hooking like the kit you are giving away!

  108. I’ve never hooked a rug, but it looks like fun!

  109. Karen McAndrew

    Haven’t rug hooked in years, since I taught my son. He wanted to learn; because his male teacher let the kids hook in class when they were finished with their work.
    Now I am teaching my granddaughter, his daughter to spin. Would love to teach her to rug hook. Bet her Dad would get reinvolved too. Just to share and show off his skills.

  110. The last time I hooked a rug was in the early 70’s with precut yarn on a canvas. It was pretty ugly! This one is adorable and I’d like to learn the technique.

  111. Hooked my first rug when I was 9 (I’m a senior now) and couldn’t bear to have it walked on, so my mother hung it on the dining room wall, amidst a number of well-known artists. That’s love.

  112. I think I did latch hook when I was a kid. My aunt used to do it all the time. I’d love to try a new craft and this pattern is adorable!

  113. I’m afraid to get started with rug-hooking because I think I would easily become addicted!

  114. I’ve never rug hooked but have wanted to try it. Would love to win this sheep kit, it’s so cute!

  115. I have never tried rug hooking but have wanted to for some time now. I just love the sheep design.

  116. Charlotte Keathley

    I would love to do a project with rug hooking! I have done a couple of stitches at demo tables at fiber fairs and it is fun.
    The sheep is very cute!

  117. My grandmother used to hook rugs before her hands got to arthritic.She got me a couple of kits that I enjoyed doing. That was such a long time ago! I would love to try me hand at it again.

  118. Desiree Campbell

    I used to latchhook when I was little, and loved it. I’d like to get back into rug-making.

  119. Love the fiber arts, all styles!

  120. I’ve been hooking for just over a year. I would love a chance to win a kit.

  121. It’s on my (long) list of crafts that I want to explore….especially with a rug as endearing as that!

  122. cutest sheep ever! I would love to learn how to hook rugs.

  123. Only cheesy latch hooking for me – love to learn the real deal!

  124. I have never hooked a rug in my life, but I would love to give it a try!

  125. Margaret W Batko

    I did latch hooking years ago. But no rug hooking. But I worked with a woman who did rug hooking, who designed her own rugs, dyed her own wools, and I was fascinated. i probably jsut need a push to add another fiber arts activity to my lengthy list of “wish-to-dos” that pile up in the studio.

  126. Suzanne Carpenter

    Did the old way of rug hooking 20 years ago. Would love to try the new way.

  127. I have always wanted to try rug hooking. I have not been able to find a class or a teacher where I am but with videos I hope to try someday.

  128. My Grandmother use to Hook Rugs. Sadly I do not have one that she made. I did try it as a young girl, but the materials back then and the designs were not the best. The ideas today and the materials are so much better. I have been thinking about trying it out again or even getting my daughter started, but just can’t seem to give myself that little nudge. Maybe a kit would be the thing to do that.

  129. Rug Hooking is on my list of arts to learn. No experience yet.

  130. I work at a living history park, and in one of the houses we have a rug hooking demonstration. I have tried it so that I can be familiar with the process, but I would like to do more.

  131. ozarkdragonfly

    does latch hook count as rug hooking? but i did just get this adorable settee that has some hand hooked pattern, that may be rug hooking? i don’t know, its a craft i clearly need to learn!

  132. I have lots of fibery addictions, but have never tried rug hooking. I have always loved the look, though. I’d love to learn and this really cute kit would be a great way to begin. Thanks!

  133. My grandmother used to hook rugs among other things. I learned enough to be able to help my daughter (years later) do here school project involving latch hook. I love sheep and this rug would get me going again! Thanks!

  134. Tried to teach myself. Started with a hook that was waaaay too big that made huge holes in my fabric. Am trying again with a smaller hook.

  135. I love sheep!! I just finished a mat of Urquhart Castle on the banks of Loch Ness. I use Halcyon yarn from here and love it! I have a friend who is very new to hooking and this kit would be perfect for her!

  136. This is the most adorable rug I have ever seen! How I wish I could have the opportunity to try my hand at rug hooking;). Looks like fun:)

  137. Oh that is so adorable! I have done a few rug hooking from the store nothing too spectacular. I would love to win the sheep and give it to my daughter on her birthday on April 6! She would love it.

  138. Did a few small projects several years ago. My dad built me a frame that uses thumbtacks to stretch the fabric. Have also done a few projects that use wool yarn. Both were such fun…must make time to do more!

  139. I have not done any rug hooking since the 70’s. I really did like to do it then. I wonder If I still have any of the larger pieces hanging around.

  140. I’ve done latch hooking but that was like 30+ years ago. This looks to be fun!

  141. I have no experience but I’d love to learn! The cute sheep projects “hooked” me in!

  142. I’ve never tried rug hooking but it sounds interesting!

  143. I would love to learn how to do this

  144. I would love to have this and finally learn rug hooking, something I have wanted to do for a long time.

  145. All my rug hooking escapades have been with latch hooks. I love the folksy look of them. Thanks for the videos….I can craft vicariously through them.

    Good luck everyone!!

  146. I haven’t had any experiences with rug hooking yet and would love to give it a try!

  147. I did some latch hooked rugs when I was little… but this sheep is so cute!!!!

  148. My 10 year old daughter will be learning to hook from a friend in a few weeks. She would love this kit!

  149. I have seen some rug hooking kits and hearth rugs when I visit my Mother in Lancaster, PA. I’ve always been tempted, but haven’t seen as cute a kit before.

  150. I remember my grandmother doing some kind of rug hooking, but I don’t really know what kind. I would love to try it.

  151. I want to start rug hooking! I’m obsessed with all things wool & fibers.

  152. I love rug hooking. Last time I did it was with my mom when I was a little girl. My mom went on to become a weaver. She has since passed. I would love to take it up again!

  153. I have no recent rug hooking experience, but after seeing the hooked rugs at Greenfield Village in Dearborn, MI I am interested. There’s something about the rustic design and natural colors that draw a person in.

  154. I am dying to learn how to hook and to braid; we are buying a little farm this spring and the house has all hardwood floors. I can just see them covered in my handmade rugs!

  155. Have wanted to learn this craft for years. Hope to have the opportunity to try my hand at it with this lovely kit.

  156. It was so long ago that I did rug hooking that I almost need to say “none.”
    I love that sheep rug, so if I win it will be time to get back at it.

  157. I have never done this rug hooking, only latch hook which is definately not rug hooking! Rug Hooking looks so awesome with the wool instead of shag yarn. I would love to try. I do several other things and would like to add this to my projects. Thank you for letting me try to win the cute wooly sheep rug kit! :0)

  158. Many years ago I hooked a few rugs but I wasn’t as interested in it as I was in knitting and quilting so it fell by the wayside. Now I have a new found excitement about trying it again.

  159. I took a classin rug hooking a while ago and would love together back into it.

  160. I have always been interested in rug hooking – would love to give this little lamb a try! Who knows, perhaps a new obsession will grow.

  161. Well, I’ve never hooked a rug in my life, but it looks fun!

  162. I haven’t tried this skill yet. One of my friends is an avid “hooker” and wants me to join in. I love sheep-can’t pass up a chance to win a sheep.

  163. I have never done it before, but the shop where I took my first spinning class years ago had a huge community of hookers. I’ve always thought it was beautiful and would love to try it out.

  164. What is the history behind using thin strips of wool for rug hooking versus yarn. I took a brief class at a fiber festival that used yarn, to my surprise. Was it just a matter of what people had available or were there regional differences or other factors at play?

  165. Years ago when I was still in high school, my mom, my sister who was in college and me worked on a rug. They were much more clever than me…..they had a pattern on graph paper and I wanted to help so I learned how. That was over forty years ago. I remember how much fun it was to talk and hook.

  166. My grandmother, the same one that taught me how to knit, use to make hooked rugs. She had them in almost every room of her house. I would love to carry on that tradition, besides, that sheep is just so darn cute!

  167. My only experience is the few inches I did on a sample at the MD S&W festival. That was all I needed to know that hooking would be my “next hobby.” (I am famous for starting a new hobby every few years…)

  168. Love that sheep. I’ve always wanted to learn rug hooking! Regina

  169. I have not rug hooked in years! As a young married woman, my first item I crafted for my home was a rainbow rug I had hooked…I have never forgotten it and would love to make one for my soon to be born…13th grandchild.

  170. I’ve bought a kit to start, but haven’t started yet. Would love to win another one!!

  171. My grandmother hooked, my husband hooks, and I’ve dabbled in the art. I’m a spinner, but with this cute kit, I’ll become a hooker again!

  172. I would love to learn how to hook a rug and this kit is absolutely adorable.

  173. My first rug hooking experience was back in the mid 90s. I made a small heart shaped ornament from a kit I purchased at a small store far from home. I never could find more supplies at the time & so that’s my one & only attempt. I have been living out of moving boxes for the most part these past 3 years & I tried finding the ornament this past Christmas but it was like looking for a needle in a haystack. I hope to find it again when we finally settle down. I do love sheep & would love to win this kit to get started on hooking again : )

  174. I love the sheep-and using yarn is so much easier than using wool strips! I’ve done a few projects and truly love the results!

  175. i done some rug hooking about 15 years ago and really enjoyed it. At the time, I was dyeing my own wool fabrics with natural dyes. Now that I think about it, I’m not sure why I stopped making rugs!!

  176. I have hooked rugs with wool strips as well as chunky wool yarn. I have found that I prefer working with the wool yarn because it is easier to manipulate it than the wool strips. Plus, its a great way to use up small amounts of yarn left over from projects!

  177. Only rug hooking I have ever done was latch hook long ago in
    the dark ages! This process looks like a lot of fun and the rug
    pattern is adorable!

  178. I made a couple of latch hook rugs about 20 years ao but that’s been my only experience with hooking rugs. This looks like great fun and I love the sheep!

  179. I actually do have a latch hook rug story. Many, MANY years ago, I was working a Snoopy rug kit during breaks at work. I packed it up to bring it home and set it on top of the car while I opened the door. You can see where this is going. Yes, I took off with the rug hook kit on top of the car. When I realized what I’d done, my sister and I walked along the side of the road, picking up as many pieces as we could. I did finish the kit though we weren’t able to find all the yarn pieces.

  180. My local quilt shop carried this type of rug hooking and I really wanted to try it. But, alas, they stopped carrying it before I got a chance to jump in!

  181. I did some latch hooking when I was in high school. At the Friendship Spinners group one of the ladies was hooking a rug this month. I thought it looked like something I would like to try.

  182. I did some latch hooking when I was in my teens (which is longer ago than I care to admit). At our monthly meeting of the Friendship Spinners one of the ladies was hooking a rug and I was intrigued. This small project seems ideal to try the technique without a big commitment.

  183. Absolutely adorable, Love, Love

  184. I want to take a rug hooking class there. I love the beautiful patterns and hand dyed wools found in rug hooking. One can’t take too many classes.

  185. I just learned to hook this winter – and I love it. Can’t wait to do more.

  186. I just took my first rug hooking class through our local park department and I really enjoyed it. My project is not yet finished, but I am looking forward to doing more.

  187. I’ve been admiring rug hooking for quite some time now. Would love to learn and start a project myself.

  188. I’ve crocheted a rag rug before but never done a rug hooking. Definitely looks like fun!

  189. I did some latchhooking in my youth but have been very interested lately in learning how to hook rugs!

  190. Hello, I have made one small kit and really loved it – I’d like to give it another go! Thanks for the chance!

  191. Mary Bernhardt

    I’ve only done latch hooking and locker hooking. I’m always up for learning something new!

  192. I’ve only tried latch hook but I’d like to try rug hooking.

  193. Very cute rug. I did a sheep rug by Nan Carpenter years ago and truly loved hooking. I had so many other crafts (stained glass, quilting) that I could not find the time to keep hooking. I am retired now and travel in an rv now so rug hooking would be easy to take along. That little sheep rug would go great with my big sheep one!

  194. A friend gave me the rug hooking tool but I haven’t tried it yet.

  195. What a cute project. I’d love to try rug hooking.

  196. I’ve been looking at rug hooking, and have purchased some books on it, but have yet to try it. It looks like fun to be able to create pictoral designs, which would be a change from the weaving I usually do.

  197. I tried one of eeyore when i was about fifteen, my mom thought I needed a hobby other than reading. It was the first and only hooking kit I did beacuse that was all our local store carried other than flowers at the time!

  198. I’m a weaver who has MS and I’ve always wanted to try rug hooking. I always like to keep creatively busy and this might be just the thing, as I’ve needed to take a hiatus from my loom.

  199. I learned rug-hooking as a kid, and have been thinking about teaching my little girl how to do it now. Would love to do this adorable project with her!

  200. Haven’t tried rug hooking yet!! I’m like Shere, old Latch hook kits were the only thing I was ever exposed to. Now that I’m a part of the fiber queens, I would really like to give Hooking a try. Looks like a lot of fun!

  201. My only experience with rug making was a rather tacky latch hook design of an elk(?) in ’70s “earth tones.” That little sheep is a lot cuter!

  202. No experience here, but what a cute first project!

  203. I have never tried it, but I would like to learn!

  204. So different than the rug hooking I did way back when – simply beautiful – I want to get started!

  205. My only experience with rug hooking was 30 years ago. I bought a kit at a craft store and made a rug that had a sort of sunset on it. I gave it to my sister and she hung it on her wall for a few years. I’m sure it was quite ugly, so it was very nice of her to hang it up, LOL!

  206. Did some latch hooking as a kid. Nothing since then. I DO NOT need another fibers hobby, I DO NOT need another fiber……

  207. Several decades ago I did enjoy latch hooking; and of course this got very boring. In the last nine years hooking has been something that has been drawing my attention alot! This may well be the time to give this craft a trial run without a very large investment.
    Thank you for having this wonderful event.

  208. Ooh, I’ve never tried rug hooking! Looks fun and I love the sheep!

  209. I would love to learn to rug hook. I am a spinner, knitter, crocheter and sewer. I also have sheep so this kit would be the perfect starter project.

  210. I remember my grandmother buying me a rug hooking kit when I was a kid. I made a smurf rug with it with a yellow background and my mom sewed it into a pillow that stayed on my bed for years. I recently watched Rita Buchanan’s “In Praise of Simple Cloth” and have been thinking about spinning and hooking my own rugs.

  211. I love to hook but wish I could learn new ways to finish my rugs; saw a neat braiding finish on a rug. I love the sheep kit!

  212. I did a few rug hooking kits as a child (not quite like this) and loved them! I was just telling my girls about them and thinking that they are old enough to try. Maybe we could do this one together if I won!

  213. I’ve only done latch hooking when I was a kid. I’d love to learn more.

  214. I’ve tried latch hooking and locker hooking but REALLY want to learn how to make rugs with strips of wool. This kit is really cute.

  215. I’ve made several small hooked rug projects – a covered brick door stop and some chair pads. I would like to start hooking again and make a bigger rug. I love primitive patterns.

  216. I’ve done a couple of bathmat sized rug hook projects, but it was many years ago, and I rather miss it.

  217. This adorable hooked lamb would look perfect attached to my Shaker Seed box lid. I have been looking for a pattern and here is a kit that works perfect. I just love the kit and hooking is addictive. I have been hooking for a little over a year and I enjoy every single minute of it.

  218. I would LOVE to learn rug hooking! the closest thing I’ve done is latch hook pillows back in the 70’s 😉

  219. When I was a toddler, my Mom would, and still does, hook rugs. I remember sitting in her rug rags playing. She would ask me to hand her a certain color, and I would. It’s how I learned my colors before I went to school.! (oh so many years ago) She still hooks rugs and repairs many for people who ask. I also remember the dog sitting in the rags with me, and her telling me not to bother it so I wouldn’t get bit. Great memories!

  220. This would be perfect for my grandson and I to work on together. He is only 8 months now, but I am looking forward to working with him on crafts.

  221. Barbara beliveau

    I hooked a very small mat with yarn from an exchange. I would love another try!

  222. Cute sheep! Love to win him! done a few projects on my own.

  223. I haven’t done rug hooking per se, but have done a little locker hooking. This kit is adorable.

  224. Jeanne Kavanagh

    I have hooked one rug which took 6 months– for my niece as a wedding gift. It was a Pearl McGowan pattern given to me by an elderly gifted woman with a passion for rughooking. I hooked the wool rug more than 20 yrs ago with clothing from the family for her….her uncle’s scarf, grandmother’s wool coat, aunt’s skirts, father’s wool ties and family blankets etc. called the piece ‘Lavender Blue’. I thought it was quite impressive for all my inexperience. The kit seems just the right size for a refresher.

  225. Debra J Schultz

    I am a knitter and a spinner and it was your store that peeked my interest in rug hooking. I have stopped in several times on trips between MN and NC for spinning supplies. I am a great lover of wool and gaga for sheep. It was at MN Shepherd’s Harvest that repeeked my interest and bought my first kit. I have also bought a kit at the WI Sheep Festival but am still working on the first one. I did receive some pointers on rug hooking from the guild located at the WI show so I am starting to get “hooked” on rug hooking. I remember seeing this kit at your store and actually almost bought it but was too nervous to get started on my rug hooking adventure at that time. Would love to have it now and would like to win!

  226. I used to do rug hooking when I was a kid, and would love to take it up again!

  227. I have never tried it and would love to add a new hobby!

  228. Gail Crookshank

    I received a hooked pillow for Christmas and decided I needed to learn to do this. With limited resources in my part of the country I learned a lot via the Internet. Rug hookers are very generous with their time! Loving it so far.

  229. I have never tried rug hooking, but I am always willing to learn a new fiber craft! The sheep is darling.

  230. Sheep rug! I did rug hooking when I was little…but it was the acrylic pre-cut stuff. This looks just luscious.

  231. I have taken an interest in rug hooking because I inherited several from my grandmother. I thank you for the chance to try one of your kits!

  232. I’ve only ever done boxed kits from the local craft store, featuring precut little bits of yarn. I’d love to play with something a bit more authentic and hands-on! And I love the curious little sheep.

  233. I do love this hooking kit. I am a rug braider and weaver. Learning rug hooking would be a great next step. I make wool braided rugs. I use a little heavier wool in rug braiding but love all fiber related projects and, of course, would like to learn them all..

  234. I thought I would never be interested in rug hooking until I saw these rugs and watched the tutorial. I have seen the lamb rug at craft shows and always loved the early American look (and the lamb!). When I saw all the different textures and the flowers in some of the rugs on the video I new I was cursed to start a new fiber hobby! Already adding rugs on my wishlist!

  235. I have no rug hooking experience but I would love to try it!

  236. Only rug hooking I’ve done is to try the Hooker locking, but I used it on making some bracelets. Just haven’t been brave enough to start anything bigger. I’ve made rugs using fabrics and crocheting them, but never this kind of rug hooking. This is something new and I’m very excited to try it!

  237. I’ve never hooked a rug except for latch hook rugs in the 1970’s. My mother- in-law who is now deceased made many beautiful rugs which look like paintings and some adorn our walls. I never had the chance to learn this beautiful fiber art from here.

  238. What a sweet sheep! I would love to learn how to hook rugs. My mother-in-law made beautiful things. I wish she were still here to help me learn.

  239. I have a flock of sheep, I knit, felt, dye, and weave. I love sheep! I love wool! I collect sheep of all kinds and the sheep rug is so cute. I have been thinking about getting into rug hooking and after watching Gene Sheppard, I am hooked! I am enjoying your new web site so much.

  240. I used to hook a long time ago before knitting stole me away. I’d love to get back into hooking and this would be perfect for me to jump back in!

  241. wonderful blog. i have only sadly made one rug hooking project, guess it’s time to do a new one. I collect sheep of all kinds. I love this cute little pattern.

  242. I have had no experience with rugs. I am an avid knitter, crocheter, and spinner so I can always add to my love of yarn. The sheep is really cute!

  243. What an adorable rug – would love to try my hand at rug hooking. (Always wanted to be a hooker.)

  244. Hi, I hope I win because I have never done a rug, but I sure would love to try.

  245. It is one of the few things I haven’t learned yet. Pick me!

  246. Wendy Hallock

    I did a small square latch hook from 6th to 8th grade. I’d love to get this little beginner kit!

  247. My childhood rug hooking experience was of “Tweety Bird.” The backing was really stiff and the yarn a cheap variety (what did I know back then?)–but I was so proud to get it done! I love the mosaic look of the plushy looking lamb. Would love to introduce a craft like this to my 13 3/4 y.o. daughter.

  248. I used to latch hook when I was younger and have been looking at locker hooking and rug weaving. This looks like lots of fun. Please Pick Me!!!!

  249. The sheep is so cute! I would like to learn rug hooking; I have only done latch hook so far. I have alpacas, so it would be neat to have another way to use their fiber/yarn.

  250. Wow, I can always find the time for a new fiber craft. Rug hooking is not one I’ve tried, but I have done a wee bit of locker hooking (just small mats so far).

  251. Hmm, a new outlet for my cross-crafting fiber addiction???

  252. Like many others who’ve already posted, I’ve only tried latch hook. This kits is adorable!

  253. Years ago I made a cheticamp (sp?) coaster. That inspired me to try rug hooking. I bought a kit to make a small stool cover but stalled out after I was 75% done. Maybe I’ll dig it back out again…

  254. Rug hooking appeals to me – need to expand my crafting – would love to try the kit and move on from there! 🙂

  255. I have tried it and I like it. My Mother in law bought me a kit. I have it half finished and work on it every once in awhile when I am not spinning knitting or reading or chasing two kids around. lol

  256. Pick me!

  257. Haven’t tried it but I am willing to try anything at least once.

  258. I bought a nice latch hook many years ago, but never even had the opportunity to use it. Things are different now, and I would love the chance to win this adorable kit. Blessings

  259. I actually have a book on rug hooking at home, because the craft looked fascinating to me a while back. But it’s not a common craft here (Norway) and I never got the supplies/tools. Then I got into spinning, and rug hooking was moved into the “maybe someday” category. I still think it would be fun to try!

  260. davidjamesdipardo

    Would love to try rug hooking! At the moment I’m loving my 32 inch kromski harp loom which i ordered from the woolery 🙂

  261. Anyone who loves the rich colors and feel of wool at their fingertips will enjoy rug hooking. My mom, sister, and I went to the Texas Hill Country for a weekend rug hooking retreat and not only had the time of our lives but learned a wonderful, new art form! Hook on!

  262. I have wanted to start rug hooking for a long time but knitting and spinning keeps getting in the way. If I win this kit it would give me the chance to make a change. Thanks for this opportunity.

  263. From time to time I have looked at rug hooking kits, but never fell in love with one until I saw that little lamb! I have always wanted to hook rugs and would say, “When I retire … ” I am a minister and am retiring this month. It is time to take up a new vocation and be called a Happy Hooker!

  264. Claire Mennenoeh

    I discovered rug hooking a few years ago when my middle daughter was three. I was immediately obsessed. So was my daughter – with my hook! She hid it all the time. I would find it in the strangest places – the bookshelf, the pantry, the freezer, stuck in an orange in the fruit bowl. Until one time I just couldn’t find it at all. So frustrating. I used a crochet hook to finish the project, but it just wasn’t the same… Since then, I’ve always wanted to start again (and trust the little imp again), maybe this sheep will do the trick!

  265. Many many years ago I got interested in rug hooking using one of those kits with the precut wool. Grin I even designed a rug to make with a pair of flying unicorns. Still have that started piece but the kit piece was lost long ago.
    Would love to get back into it.

  266. I think I might be a little late with my post. But I have always wanted to learn to rug hooking. Plus it would be a fun way to use leftovers from my spinning.

  267. Count me in, please (if it’s not too late). I’d love to learn how to hook!

  268. I don’t have any rug hooking experience…yet. Later this month I am taking a 2-day class and I can’t wait for it. I love learning new crafts.

  269. I’m an “old” spinner looking for a new love. I’ve felt, for a long time, that rug hooking might just be it!

  270. I love sheep and I like making things I can actually use. I’m handy with a crochet hook…is it a big leap to a rug hook?

  271. Dawn Van Ness

    I also would love to learn how to hook rugs. I’ve done latch hook but it was a while ago. My current loves are spinning on my Sidekick and knitting. I am always up for a new challenge……

  272. I started hooking a small rug for my daughter many years ago and never finished. It would be great to try this easier one. Thanks for a great give-away!!

  273. I’ve tried Locker Hooking and really enjoyed it.

  274. I just now have found my new obsession, would love to win a starter pack to get started ASAP, yep I am hooked LOL

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  277. I LOVE that sheep! No experience with rug hooking but want to learn. Just ordered my first kit (also sheep) and would like to do this one too!!

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