Woolery Weave-Off Winners

What an adventure! We are pleased to present the winners of the first Woolery Weave-Off! Inundated with over 75 amazingly beautiful, diverse towels, we struggled to keep judging deadlines, and are still working on washing and folding all the entries for delivery! Next week, we will be delivering them to The Simon House, where they’ll go into ‘starter baskets’ that provide basic household supplies to the ladies moving out into their own housing! Without further ado…


Third Place – Susan Hadden – Califon, NJ

Third Place - Beginner Category Woolery Weave-Off

Second Place – Susan Harrison – Plano, TX

Second Place - Beginner Category Woolery Weave-Off

First Place – Patti Grammatis – Easley, SC

First Place - Woolery Weave-Off Beginner Category

Rigid Heddle

Third Place – Mary Pat Nowakowski – Freeville, NY

Third Place - Rigid Heddle Woolery Weave-Off

Second Place – Mary Dean – Hackettstown, NJ

Second Place - Rigid Heddle Woolery Weave-Off

First Place – Ellyn Zinsmeister – Allen, TX

First Place - Rigid Heddle Woolery Weave-Off


Third Place – Cathy Kinzie – Owings, MD

Third Place - Color Woolery Weave Off

Second Place – Susan Kroll – Sequim, WA

Second Place - Color Woolery Weave-Off

First Place – Pat Bullen – Centerburg, OH

First Place - Color Woolery Weave-Off


Third Place – Sue Briney – Powell, OH

Third Place - Pattern Woolery Weave-Off

Second Place – Lynette Greenwald – Buckingham, PA

Second Place - Pattern Woolery Weave-Off

First Place – Katie Polemis – Indianapolis, IN

First Place - Pattern Woolery Weave-Off

Congratulations everyone, all of your towels are fantastic! We hope you all enjoy your prizes. As a reminder here are the prizes that the winners will receive:

Woolery Weave-Off Prizes

We cannot thank all of you enough – the response has been overwhelming, and the love shown and felt is profound. We look forward to sponsoring this contest again, and working other contests into our rotation! It feels good to give back, and we are delighted that you’re all on board to help out.

“We all do better when we all do better.” ~ Paul Wellstone


16 responses to “Woolery Weave-Off Winners

  1. thank you for this awesome opportunity to give back to those in need. You guys are the best!

  2. Annie Stratton

    Wow. Well if that isn’t the perfect inspiration to get me to dress my loom and weave up some towels, I don’t know what would be! Have to say that the very first pic in your post did it for me. Never felt drawn to that pattern before, but Susan Haddon’s towel has such sprighliness and a wonderful contrasting texture to her choice of elegant pattern that it makes me yearn to get my fingers on thread again. And then there was the color, all of it spectacular, and the textures and the patterns. Got to get me some cotton stash and get started. What a great idea this was- it makes everyone winners: the weavers, the ladies whose hands get to use these towels, and all the rest of us, who get inspired by it all.

    Thank you!

    Annie D. Stratton (lapsed weaver)


  3. Congratulations to all the winners!

  4. Can you share more information about these pieces, please, such as fiber, sett, pattern, draft, etc?

  5. Those towels are fabulous !! But I’m with Jill. I’d like to learn more about the fiber choices, sett, pattern, etc. etc.

  6. Gorgeous work weavers! Warm congratulations to Mary Pat Nowakowski – Freeville, NY – from an Ithaca weaver! I love your use of beige in this fabric, especially with those bright colors! Bonus is there’s no white to stain and get dingy which is pretty wise for sure. 🙂

  7. Reblogged this on The Sheepish Grin and commented:
    The first annual foolery.com weave off has some very inspirational towels to drool over!

  8. I second the congrats to Mary Pat Nowakowski – Freeville, NY – from a “neighbor” in Endicott, NY. I don’t have the slightest idea how to weave, but all of the work shared above makes me want to learn!

  9. Bobbie C. OBrien

    It must have been very difficult to judge as all of these towels look like First Place winners to me. I am a beginner at Rigid Heddle weaving and made my first towel from the cotton I ordered from you. I thought it was pretty neat until I saw these. I have a lot to learn, wish I had a teacher, but am inspired enough to learn on my own.

  10. Beautiful work, all of you. I’ve been eyeing a Rigid Heddle Loom for some time now, and I’m inspired to go for it. Have to finish the rag rugs I have in the works first though!

  11. Hey, folks!

    This is Katherine, the gal to whom all of these beautiful towels were sent. We have had a lot of queries about the patterns used, but as we did not request them initially, to do so retroactively would be almost impossible. There are genuinely thousands of free patterns available all over the internet – a quick Google search will turn up anything you want to get started on! Plain weaves, twills, waffle weaves – you name it! All towels were woven with the Bluegrass Mills 6/2 cotton – that is the only consistency. Some ladies shared their color inspiration with us – often a beautiful photo of a flower, a special sweater or quilt – one talented man used his university alma mater colors! Inspiration is EVERYWHERE! We are so happy with the entries received – feel free to email me with any questions you have about the contest – we will absolutely be doing it again!


  12. I would be glad to share the details of my towel.
    It was the blue, white and yellow pinwheel pattern. Colors were BGM Blue Salvia, Buttercup and White. The pattern was an 8 shaft pinwheel, which I found online. Each row and column was 8 threads of one color. Warp sett was 20 epi and weft pick was 20 ppi. It was a little hard to beat to 20 ppi, though. I used floating selvedges. There were a lot of ends to weave in but I changed things up on the later towels on the same warp (carrying the blue weft up the side) which reduced the number of ends to weave in. Can’t wait for next year’s contest! And best wishes to the ladies receiving the towels!

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