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DIY Home Decor: Free Tutorial Round-Up

Now that warmer weather is here, we’re on the lookout for fun ways to keep crafting this spring! Most crafters have a lot of leftover bits and bobs from previous projects taking up space in their craft rooms – if the urge to spring clean has taken hold, you may find that you have more than you realized!

Luckily, there are plenty of clever ways to put these leftovers to good use. In the process, you can also give life to other everyday objects you may have lying around the house such as old jeans, empty plastic jugs, etc.

Here are a few of our favorite free tutorials for upcycling home decor this spring. Enjoy!

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Wave, Perri and the entire Woolery Team

DIY Upcycled Fringed Basket

Add a splash of fringe to your craft room, or anywhere in your house! Our free DIY tutorial will show you how to upcycle an empty plastic jug to make a fun fringed basked with leftover yarn. It’s available for free to our newsletter subscribers, click here to claim your free PDF download.

Fringed Wall Hanging

Can’t get enough of the fringe trend? Learn how to weave a trendy fringed wall hanging with this free tutorial on the Schacht blog.

Upcycled Denim Rug

Rag rugs are a classic way to give old garments new life, and there are tons of great tutorials out there for weavers, hookers, and knitters to try. This blog post showing how to weave with strips of old denim piqued our interest; it would be a great technique for making one your own version of the gorgeous denim rag rugs spotted on Apartment Therapy!

Free tutorial - hygge handspun candle holder DIY upcycle home decor idea

Hygge Handspun Candle Holder

Hygge season may be long gone, but you can update your candle holder with bright, sunny colors of handspun yarn with this free tutorial!

5 Free Zoom Loom Projects You Can Make in a Weekend

Need a quick weaving project for on-the-go? Searching for a fun & fast project to chase the winter blues away? We have a new blog section dedicated to sharing free project tutorials for the Schacht Zoom Loom, a shop favorite for its portability and ease of use!

Find great project inspiration for your Schacht Zoom Loom on the Woolery blog!Versatility might not be the first thing you think of, but you’ll be surprised at just how much you can do with your Zoom Loom squares. They can be made into scented sachets or a relaxing eye mask to create an aromatherapy experience in the comfort of your own home.

Add to your home decor with a set of embroidered coasters which are easy to customize in a design of your choosing, or make a woodland friend with our fox ornament tutorial.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our newest tutorial shows how to create a woven snowflake decoration, the perfect way to embrace hygge this January! Click here for our free project PDF. 


You can find all of our free Zoom Loom tutorials here, and we’ll be adding more as the year progresses.

Happy weaving!

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Free Guide: Getting Started with a Rigid Heddle Loom

A new year is full of possibilities! If one of your 2017 resolutions is to learn how to weave, or to pull your loom out of the closet and rediscover this craft, we’ve created a free guide to help you reach your goals with ease.

Visit the Woolery blog for a free guide to getting started with a Rigid Heddle loom.

Whether you’re new to rigid heddle weaving or just need a refresher on the basics, our free guide will jump start your weaving in 2017!

Click here to download our free PDF guide to Getting Started with a Rigid Heddle Loom.

If you are already on our mailing list, check your inbox – you should have already received a download link from us.

Photo Credit: Liz Gipson of

Photo Credit: Liz Gipson of

Our guide will help you choose the right loom & accessories to get started; it also covers essential weaving terms, the anatomy of a loom & more.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can visit our website for free weaving patterns and lots of other helpful info, too.

We look forward to helping you on your weaving journey!

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Wave, Perri, and the entire Woolery Team

Winner + Free Printable Gift Tags

Congratulation to Erin R., you are the lucky winner for our special blog giveaway this month! We will be in touch with you shortly to arrange for the delivery of your prize, a copy of Jillian Moreno’s Yarnitecture: The Knitter’s Guide to Spinning: Building Exactly the Yarn You Want.

In the spirit of the holiday season, we’ve created printable gift tags which you can use for all of your handmade gifts this year – click here for a free PDF download! These tags feature cute designs and allow to to customize fiber content and care instructions for the recipient.

Free Printable PDF Gift Tags for Handmade Gifts from The Woolery

Please note, you will need to sign up for our newsletter to receive our free PDF; if you are already a subscriber, check your inbox! We included a link to download the labels this month.

Once your handmade gifts are complete, it’s time to add the final finishing touch with some of these beautiful gift wrap ideas – click the image below to view more info:

Gift wrap inspiration & free printable gift tags for handmade items on the Woolery blog.

Gift wrap inspiration & free printable gift tags for handmade items on the Woolery blog.

Gift wrap inspiration & free printable gift tags for handmade items on the Woolery blog.

We have still more DIY gift wrap ideas here on Pinterest to inspire you this holiday season!

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Mug Rugabilities – Pillow Cushion Tutorial

The beautifully-made portable weaving looms from Purl & Loop have arrived at the Woolery! We’re pleased to introduce the Swatch Maker 3 in 1 Portable with optional stand, which is great for using up leftover yarn in your stash to create a variety of projects. To celebrate, we asked Angela, founder of Purl & Loop, to share a special tutorial with our blog readers. 

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Wave, Perri & the entire Woolery Team

Our Stash Blaster® portable weaving looms (mug rug size) were inspired by the problem of what to do with all my yarn stash. In some cases, I had no way of identifying the yarn or knowing if there was enough yarn for a particular pattern. The little looms solved that because I could mix and match my yarns to make all the mug rugs I wanted. Since I found weaving to be very meditative, I accumulated those mug rugs quickly. I decided it was time to expand my mug rugabilities with a pillow cushion.

Free woven pillow tutorial from Purl & Loop on the Woolery Blog

I sorted through my stash of finished rugs and chose four very similar in size.  The type of fiber used was not a factor in the choices. The four rugs put together measured 10” x 12.5” and I chose a piece of natural linen measuring 11” x 13.5” for the backing. The four rugs were all positioned with the less pretty sides (aka more mistakes) all facing the same direction. In the photo below, the less pretty sides are all facing down into the linen. 

Free woven pillow tutorial from Purl & Loop on the Woolery Blog

I had already decided that this project was going to be done all by hand because I wanted a work in progress I could carry around in a big purse and I was not sure how machine sewing would interact with the yarn. Also, I have been partial to hand sewing my whole life. My grandmother owned a cleaning and tailoring business in Chicago and I hand sewed all of my Barbie clothes while hanging around her shop as a child. Using Appleton crewel wool, just because I liked the texture, I attached the pieces using a mattress stitch. Using mattress stitch is not a must, it was just what I thought, after watching a variety of videos demonstrating how to attached knitted pieces together, might be the least visible and most effective at the same time. Surprisingly, this was completed in about one hour. 

Free woven pillow tutorial from Purl & Loop on the Woolery Blog

Below is a photo of all four mug rugs stitched together.

Free woven pillow tutorial from Purl & Loop on the Woolery Blog

Next, I attached the mug rug piece to the linen.  In this case, the less pretty side faces up because once the pillow is turned right side out, the less pretty side will be inside. 

Free woven pillow tutorial from Purl & Loop on the Woolery Blog

Continuing with the crewel wool and using a straight stitch, I attached the rugs to the linen backing on three sides.

Free woven pillow tutorial from Purl & Loop on the Woolery Blog

This is a photo of what the backside (what will be the inside of the pillow cushion) looked like. 

Free woven pillow tutorial from Purl & Loop on the Woolery Blog

I gently turned the pillow casing inside out so the good sides were facing outward.  You will see there is a good amount of extra linen on this edge that is here on purpose.  This will be explained a little bit later.

Free woven pillow tutorial from Purl & Loop on the Woolery Blog

The pillow was stuffed with pillow stuffing from a craft supply store.

Free woven pillow tutorial from Purl & Loop on the Woolery Blog

I folded the extra bit of linen in toward the inside of the pillow and used pins to hold it all together.  I brought my needle from inside so my tail would not be visible and continued using a straight stitch to close this final side.  I worked from the mug rug side but only attached to the folded in linen facing the inside so my stitches were not visible. 

Free woven pillow tutorial from Purl & Loop on the Woolery Blog

This cushion was quick to finish with already completed mug rugs and we look forward to trying to make a larger one. 

Free woven pillow tutorial from Purl & Loop on the Woolery Blog

We hope this inspires you to think of all your mug rugabilities!

Angela and Audrey Pearl, one of our two studio dogs.

Angela and Audrey Pearl, one of our two studio dogs.

Angela Smith is the owner of Purl & Loop.  Purl & Loop specializes in needlecraft kits and supplies with a focus on needle felting and weaving.  Purl & Loop is the creator of the Stash Blaster® and Swatch Maker 3-in-1 (patent pending) weaving looms.  Purl & Loop sources all of their materials in Houston based businesses where possible or from other North American suppliers.  All human staff (Hector, Missy and Liana) are paid a living wage and canine staff receive deluxe housing and organic food and treats.  All products are designed and manufactured in the Houston, Texas studio.

Who’s Worthy of a Handmade Gift?

It’s that time of year when friends, family, and sometimes even acquaintances might start hinting that they would like (or perhaps even expect) a handmade gift under the tree. Sure, they see you spinning, weaving, hooking or knitting, and they might have some idea of all the time and effort such a request entails – but are they truly worthy of a handmade gift? We’ve created a handy flow chart to take the guesswork out of this process for you so that you can enjoy your fall and winter crafting stress-free:


Click image to view full size!

Be sure to pin and share with your crafty friends, or click here to download a printable PDF version to keep handy!

Keep those hands healthy with our free guide!

Your hands work hard, and you rely on them for a lot of things in your life, such as taking care of your family, friends, and even pets. Besides everyday activities and household chores, you also need your hands for the hobbies that bring you joy: spinning, weaving, knitting, crocheting, sewing, and felting.

Keep your hands in tip-top shape with the Woolery's Free Guide to Healthy Hands PDF!
In our Free Guide to Healthy Hands, we cover many ways you can take care of your most prized tool to avoid overuse and injury – and what to do if your craft sessions are not pain-free. You’ll find practical advice, links to resources, and other ways to keep your hands and wrists in top crafting condition, such as these suggestions to reduce the impact of repetitive movements which can lead to strains and pains:

Mix it up! Many crafters have more than one project going at any time, which is a great way to keep things fresh. Try to work your to­do list so that you have projects using different weights of yarn going simultaneously ­ you could alternate among a pair of socks, a worsted weight hat, and a chunky cowl, for example. This gives your hands a chance to adjust to using different size needles or hooks, so your hands don’t cramp up after using nothing but laceweight yarn for weeks at a time.

Vary your crafts! If you’ve been doing a lot of knitting, maybe it’s time to spin or felt for a while. If you’ve been weaving a large project, take a break with some knitting or crochet.

Take a break! Sitting in one position ­ or making the same motion over and over again ­isn’t healthy if you do it for too long. The last thing you need is to give yourself a repetitive stress injury during a marathon knitting or crocheting session! When you’re working on your craft, pause every 15 or 20 minutes and do something different to give your body a rest. Do a stretch or two, walk around, get a glass of water, or throw in a load of laundry ­- anything that gets you moving in a different way will help you stay comfortable when you return to your craft.

Be realistic! Allot yourself more time than you think you will need to complete your projects. Crafting on a deadline turns fun into work and creates situations where you are tempted to push past your body’s limits in order to get things done. That’s a recipe for injury.

We’ve already delivered the full Healthy Hands for Happy Crafting guide to our newsletter subscribers, so check your inbox or click here to sign up & receive a PDF download today!

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