Who’s Worthy of a Handmade Gift?

It’s that time of year when friends, family, and sometimes even acquaintances might start hinting that they would like (or perhaps even expect) a handmade gift under the tree. Sure, they see you spinning, weaving, hooking or knitting, and they might have some idea of all the time and effort such a request entails – but are they truly worthy of a handmade gift? We’ve created a handy flow chart to take the guesswork out of this process for you so that you can enjoy your fall and winter crafting stress-free:


Click image to view full size!

Be sure to pin and share with your crafty friends, or click here to download a printable PDF version to keep handy!


4 responses to “Who’s Worthy of a Handmade Gift?

  1. I love it. Only other crafters can appreciate how time consuming this work is. Am grateful you mentioned the concept of your time being valuable Too. Thanks!

  2. People actually have a basket of finished projects just sitting around? I want to meet these people!!!

  3. Thanks. That brought a smile to my face, and I’m forwarding your email to my knitting group. And yes, I’m one who has 3 bags full of completed items. In my defense, I made them to sell at a local artisan shop, and they didn’t, not that they’re not nice, mind you!

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