Measuring & Keeping Track of Spinzilla Skeins


How much yarn will you spin during Spinzilla?

Spinzilla is here! The spinning frenzy has begun as each team vies for the Golden Niddy Noddy. We’d like to take a few moments to share some of our best methods for measuring handspun yarn during this week’s event; there is sure to be an option listed below which works best for you!

Some common ways of measuring yarn include:

Also, don’t forget that that this year, plying will count towards your total yardage. The formula for calculating your plied yardage is:

plied yardage + [plied yardage x # of plies] = yardage for which you can claim credit

Note: chain plied and navajo plied yarns count as 3-ply. 

IMG_7887Label those skeins!

We’d like to make it easy for our fellow spinners to keep track of their finished Spinzilla skeins by providing some handy free printable labels for your finished handspun yarns! Not only can you view the yardage and number of plies at a glance, which will make it easy to calculate your grand total at the end of Spinzilla, but you can also make note of the tools, settings and fibers you used for future reference!

SpinzillaLabelsClick here to download your printable PDF labels!

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These are weekly specials which expire every Friday (when the new one starts), so be sure to check the links above so you don’t miss out!

All the best,

Chris, Nancy, and the entire Woolery team


99 responses to “Measuring & Keeping Track of Spinzilla Skeins

  1. Rick and Dona Snow

    Thank you for the great Spinzilla labels!

  2. The Nuno scarf kits look so yummy!

  3. Thanks for the cool labels. I would love to win the scarf kit!

  4. I’m so sorry to have missed Spinzilla this year but would LOVE to win a scarf kit 🙂

  5. Nice labels. Thanks!

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  7. That scarf fiber looks great!

  8. Would love to win the nuno felting kit!!

  9. Ashford Nuno scarf kits looks fantastic. Thanks for the labels.

  10. And I know just who could use a hand made felted scarf! Husband’s cousin posted this AM that she had thyroid cancer – a scarf would be a perfect gift for her!

  11. Thanks for letting me know about the scarf kit!

  12. I have always wanted to try the Nuno felting technique but with all that is already in my room to work I haven’t taken that step. This would be a perfect way to try it out. Thanks for all you do.

  13. Looks like a fun project.

  14. I have never made a Nuno felted scarf but I would love to try!

  15. Lisa M Espinoza

    So excited to try the Nuno Felting Kit!

  16. Lots of good ideas and a great felting kit contest.

  17. Maybe I could win that cool scarf kit. Your website is very nice.

  18. The nuno scarf looks fabulous!

  19. I’m entering to win the felted scarf kit!

  20. What a great prize! Beautiful color.

  21. Michelle Tessier

    I’d love to win one of those scarf kits.

  22. Wow, the Nuno felting kit colors are awesome.

  23. Never done Nuno, might be fun!

  24. Thanks for the info on plying. Reconfirmed what I’ve been doing…nuno is something new to me–it would be very interesting to try…GO TEAM WOOLERY!

  25. Nuno felting is fun and a great activity for middle school kids with lots of energy to expend!!!

  26. Would love a chance for the nino scarf

  27. I would love to learn to Nuno Felt! Your kit looks like just the ticket!

  28. I SO need to make better labels for my skeins…

    And the Nuno scarf kit is beautiful! Thanks for the chance to win.

  29. I have been wanting to learn Nuno Felting. This kit would be amazing!

  30. Debbie Thompson

    That lovely scarf would look so pretty wrapped around my moms neck!

  31. I’d love to learn how to Nuno felt – this kit would be the perfect way to learn! Pick me please! 😀

  32. Cindy Greenfelder

    Enjoying my week spinning on my new lady bug that I purchased from the Woolery, it would be very cool to have the nuno felting kit.

  33. Felting kit looks like another gateway hobby. As if I need a other. 😉

  34. what beautiful colors of fiber – love to add these to my scarf collection

  35. Stacey Hungerford

    An easy way to get some good directions also. I want some ❤

  36. I would LOVE to win a scarf kit! I like the Pomegranate and Sunset colorways the most. Luscious!

  37. My spinning is fine, but I can’t knit or crochet anymore due to hand problems. Watching friends felt – I think it might be just the thing! Nuno scarf would be a great start.

  38. The scarf looks yummy! Have been wanting to try this!

  39. I would LOVE to to win that scarf kit.

  40. What an awesome opportunity to try a new craft, would love to win this scarf & try my hand at felting.

  41. Oh, I would so LOVE to win this! Gorgeous colors!

  42. Very pretty… would love to make one!

  43. The scarf kits look like fun!

  44. This Nuno Felt Scarf Kit looks wonderful.

  45. The scarf kit looks so neat!

  46. I would love ths nuno scarf kit

  47. Thanks for sending me to your blog for a chance to enter for the Nuno felting kit. I hadn’t seen your posts on Spinzilla. Lots of good information.

  48. Can we use the coupon in-store? The kit looks amazing!

  49. I would like to try nuno felting

  50. Oh wow, those nuno kits look gorgeous! I’d love to win one :). The spinzilla labels are a great idea, too.

  51. Downloaded my labels, know I Have a WPI tool somewhere I think :p Will have to work on it!

  52. Would love to win this!

  53. I need to learn how to nuno felt. Beautiful fiber.

  54. wow would I like to use some nuno fiber!

  55. Pick me! Pick me! That looks so nice!

  56. Would love to try this kit out! Thanks for the chance!

  57. What a great way to try Nuno Felting!

  58. I would love to win your nuno felting scarf kit! Happy holidays guys!

  59. That felting kit looks yummy!!

  60. This scarf kit looks like a wonderful introduction to nuno felting. I’d really like to give it a try. Thanks for the opportunity.

  61. I’ve been admiring the Nuno scarves and stoles at fiber shows in the area. This would be fun to learn how to do.

  62. Would love the kit.

  63. The nuno felting kit looks great to give this technique a try. Thanks for the opportunity.

  64. Sounds like a lot of fun, very beautiful colors

  65. It would be great to win the Nuno felting kit. Time to try something new…

  66. I have never tried felting, it looks like fun.

  67. I have always wanted to try Nuno felting!

  68. The scarf kits looks like a great project.

  69. Just found your blog because of the contest, now I will keep track. Thanks!

  70. Love the Ashford Nuno Feltong Kit. It’s going on my wish list for holiday!!!! (But I might have to buy a couple as gifts too. tee hee hee)

  71. what a great prize would love to win the Ashford Nuno Feltong Kit.

  72. I’ve used the niddy noddy and the yarn balance methods, but haven’t tried the yardage counter.

  73. I usually use a niddy noddy or real to measure yardage, Would love to try Nuno felting, thanks for the chance.

  74. A friend of mine has a yardage counter and I love using it. Otherwise at home i have used a yarn balance to determine length. Would love to win an Ashford Nuno Felting kit. I will be passing this information on to my fiber gals; they will love the weekly deals.

  75. I have wanted to try the Ashford Nuno Felting kit. I love the yarn choices!

  76. Who doesn’t want to do more nuno felting?? 🙂

  77. The Nuno Felted Scarf will be fun to make, and even more fun to gift. Already gearing up for holiday gift giving with handmade items.

  78. Beautiful scarves! I would love to try this someday!

  79. I’d love to try out the felting kit! Thanks!

  80. Thanks for the labels! I alternately use a niddy noddy, yarn balance and WPI tool, which technique do you think gives the most accurate measurement?. The Ashford nuno felt scarf looks amazing, BTW.

  81. This looks fabulous!!! I would love to try this kit.

  82. Luxurious!

  83. I’d love a purple scarf kit to try Juno felting!

  84. Just started felting my knitting projects and would love to try Nino felting.

  85. Oh Spinzilla, we’ve all survived another year!

  86. Aileen Campbell

    This kit looks like a great way to try Nuno felting!

  87. Would love to win 😀

  88. Dorathy Lachman

    I would like to win a scarf kit

  89. I’d LOVE to try the scarf felting kit so PPPPLLLLEASE pick me!

  90. I have never done Nuno felting! I would love too though, that is why I need this scarf kit. I would enjoy learning through your Scarf kit!

  91. Thanks for the tips on measuring!

  92. looks like a fun project to try

  93. Mieka Coppinger

    These kits work up into really nice pieces, the one I had got snitched as soon as it was dry 🙂

  94. I’ve been wanting to try felting. This would be a super first project!

  95. Thanks for the labels! As for the kit……Yummy!! I have been wanting to try Nuno felting for ages bu have not been able to afford it…What a great project this would be to start out on!

  96. Just found your website; I’m sure it will be a great distraction all fall! I have only felted beads in the past; I’d love to see how you get the beautiful effects you have in the pictures.

  97. I would love to win a nuno felting scarf kit. I have seen it done but never have given it a go.

  98. I would love to be entered to win the scarf kit. Thank you.

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