It’s Fiber Festival Season!

Can’t get to a fiber festival, but looking for some locks? Check out ours!

Spring is here and so are all the lambs, baby bunnies, cuddly kids, and cute crias (that’s a baby camelid!)  We are getting ready for the Kentucky Sheep and Wool Festival .  If you are out and about stop by and say hello. Otto and Joanne Strauch will be back to hang out in the booth,  as will Liz Gipson, author of Weaving Made Easy and fiber festival fan.

If you are like us, you are looking forward  fiber festival season. There is nothing like going to the source.  Before you go, check out the Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook to get and idea of what kind of fleeces you might want to be looking for. Maybe this is the year you decide to do your own sheep to shawl. Once you get that fleece you might wonder, “Now what?”  Start by visiting our website where we have tips for washing fleece in five easy steps.  Our best advise—don’t agitate and don’t shock (dunking fiber in hot then cold or vice versa).

Coopworth comes in lovely natural colors!

If you don’t have a fiber festival nearby and just want to get spinning, make this the year you try spinning something new. For instance,  Coopworth has nice staple length and is a great fiber for weaving woolens.  (We love the roving that we have in stock.)

Did you know that this fiber was named after Ian Coop, who cross bread Border Leicesters and Rommeys in the 1950’s to create a hearty breed with a high yield (lots of fiber and not as much waste).  That is the kind of thing you can learn when you go to the festival and talk to the shepherds.  It makes your spinning so much more interesting!  See you there!

Chris, Nancy, and the entire Woolery Team


One response to “It’s Fiber Festival Season!

  1. I am new to spinning so it is hard to single out just one tool but I’d have to say the Kromski Sonata is a great tool to start with!

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