No April Fools, We Have a Winner!

Picked at random from the over 200 comments, the winner of our adorable sheep is Melanie Smith!  Like many of you she says that rug hooking is on her bucket list.  We hope the kit will let her cross off her list “learning to rug hook” and that she will add, “making lots of hooked rugs” to her list.  Happy Friday!


2 responses to “No April Fools, We Have a Winner!

  1. Liberty Ann Allain

    My name is Liberty.I do not know if I am eligable for this contest because I am 11 almost 12. I wanted to enter for a chance to win the kit. I have a tiny bit of experience from when I was 5. I got one of these kits for my birthday. I tried to use it but the instructions were to complex. I ended up trying to figure out my own way to do it but it did not work. Then I left it laying around to long and told my mom I couldn’t do it so we got rid of it. I just recently got into that kind of crafting again and googled what is was called. This website came up and now I am entering to win a contest that I know I will never win (based on previous luck with contests.) Sorry for wasting your time.
    Liberty Allain

    • Liberty, Don’t be so quick to give up on your luck! You are a winner because you are pursuing something that interests you. Keep it up and you will always be a winner. The Woolery.

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