Rugs: We’ve Got You Covered!

Our introductory Locker Hooking Kit has everything you need to make a cute sheep motif rug!

Rugs have a certain romance.  They offer the opportunity for big bold designs. Nothing wows up a room like a handmade rug!  They serve a purpose either insulating our floors or our walls. They work up fast so you get a lot of satisfaction in a short amount of time. There are so many reasons to make rugs!

Whether you are a weaver, knitter, crocheter, spinner, felter, or rug hooker we have the materials, patterns, tools, and supplies to make your rug dreams a reality.

Beautiful bulky coned wool yarn in a lovely array of colors. Limited supply! Check out this yarn out before it is gone.


What does it take to make a good rug?  Well, it take good sturdy yarn or fabric.  This is where long breeds shine.  For you spinners, get out that Lincoln and make a beautiful rug—rug hookers, weavers, knitters you can use the locks!

Not a spinner? Check out some of our rug yarns that works up beautifully in knit, woven, crochet, and hooked patterns.

We have always been drawn to the folk art designs in the rug hooking community.  Check out these beautifully dyed wool fabrics!

We aim to make your rugmaking easy, enjoyable, and fun!  Already made a rug? Please share on any of our social media channels!

Chris, Nancy, and the entire Woolery team!


12 responses to “Rugs: We’ve Got You Covered!

  1. I’d love to try rug hooking! It’s one of the few textile arts that I’ve not tried.

  2. I just bought a new Snapdragon rug hooking frame from The Woolery and I just LOVE it. It tilts and turns and rug hooking is so much more enjoyable using this new frame. I am new to rug hooking and my first project is a 63 x 27 piece but I am enjoying painting this picture in woolens.
    Judy Bedrava

  3. Shere'e Robinson

    The only rug hooking that I have ever done was the old Latch hook rugs back in the 70s. It was fun and I made a couple of cute rugs for the house.

  4. Gene Shepherd’s 3 dimensional rug hooking is to die for. I have watched several of his videos and they are very good.
    I am a new hooker and love working with wool . The colors are so rich and vibrant!
    I have my eye on that curved hook.

  5. Haven’t tried rug hooking yet!! I’m like Shere, old Latch hook kits were the only thing I was ever exposed to. Now that I’m a part of the fiber queens, I would really like to give Hooking a try. Looks like a lot of fun!

  6. I started hooking a long time ago. It took a lot of searching to find information about the craft back then. I really love the primitive designs and the way the old folks created designs based on their lives.

  7. My daughter and I are getting immersed in all things wool at my house….spinning, knitting and felting. We will be shearing our two lambs this week! Rug hooking is something my grandmother excelled at and I never knew how she did it until I watched the video! I can see us spinning and dyeing for a rug. I would love to see my daughter try this!

  8. My Aunt Ruthie was a master Rug hooker. She did Pioneer Days demontrations and museum demonstrations into her 80’s. I can remember watching her skilled hands hooking. She dyed all her own wool and cut the strips herself. She has gone to be with God now. I would love to follow in her footsteps and try it out for myself.

  9. Sharon Carpenter

    Every time I see a piece of hooked folk art I want to jump in. I spin and it seems to be a natural progression

  10. Joy Sherburn-Reed

    I have only crocheted a rug before and I still have it. I have wanted to try rug hooking for a long time.

  11. I hooked in Bishop Hill, IL a few years back, it was very soothing to work with
    that little hook and watch the pattern (a moose:) ) take shape. Looks good on our log cabin wall.

  12. I just took my first rug hooking class at our state weaving guild conference and I LOVE it!!! My first bird actually looks like a bird!!!! Great fun!

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