Shuttling In A New Year + Loom Specials, Classes with Abby and Drum Carding Day!

It’s happened again.  We are starting a brand new fresh year.  Our resolve is to play more and worry less!  One way to take the worry out of our weaving is the humble shuttle.  Picking the right one makes our weaving breeze by.

There are three basic types of shuttles.  The boat shuttle uses a bobbin and pin system that allows the weaver to store a lot of yarn and wind it off quickly.

End-delivery shuttles tension the yarn—great for fine yarns and wide warps. Instead of a bobbin this shuttle uses a pirn that that allows the yarn to wind off the end of the storage system.  The yarn is then thread through a tensioning devise so that you have perfect control of your yarn and your selvedges.

The stick shuttle is both inexpensive and easy to use with small looms such as inkle and rigid heddle.  The larger stick shuttles such as ski and rag shuttles are great for bulky yarns.

You simply can not have too many shuttles! Check out our full line of shuttles on our website. To help ease into the new year and get your weaving off to a great start we are offering 5 FREE Schacht shuttle bobbins with the purchace of any boat shuttle.  Just put “Free Bobbins” in the comment section of your order. (Small print: Limit 1 per customer.)

Schacht Cherry Looms: Limited Time Only!

They are back for a short time only!  The cherrylicious Wolf Pup LT and Baby Wolf. Save $50 off the Pup LT and $125 off the Baby Wolf.   We will ship either loom to you for free!  Package includes trap and stroller.  Other cherry accessories are available. Looms start shipping in February.  Only a few looms are left. Call today, to reserve yours!  800-441-9665

Drum Carding Day Febuary 25!

We are excited to host one of the best spinners in the business, Abby Franquemont, to The Woolery.  She is teaching two half-day spinning classes on Saturday, February 25–Silk Singles and Self Striping Yarn.  There is still room left in her classes, but not for long so sign up today!

Otto and Joanne Strauch were so excited that Abby was coming that they decided to pay a visit, too.  From 10-3 on Saturday, they will demo their line of drum carders giving you helpful tips on blending techniques and more.

Whether you are a local, traveling in the area, or make The Woolery a destination, join us for this jam-packed day.  We’d love to see you!

Chris, Nancy, and the entire Woolery team!


2 responses to “Shuttling In A New Year + Loom Specials, Classes with Abby and Drum Carding Day!

  1. Judy Biedenharn

    Was at event this past weekend at Fort Hill in Frankfort and someone told me to look up the Woolery in Frankfort,I told them I was a spinner and looking for some roving. Got on your web site and was very pleased to see what all you offer in materials and classes.I’m in Northern Ky. so it will be a day trip for me to come visit the shop.Looking forward to seeing the shop. Do you have off street parking?

  2. It will be great to see you. We have 15 minute parking right out front (soon to be 2 hour parking). We have 2 hour parking on the surrounding streets and a parking garage ($3.00 a day) 2.5 blocks away–short southern blocks not NYC blocks!

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