The Joy of the Season

All this talk of toys makes us feel like kids again. We love Michele White’s comment, “When I was a child, the Sears catalog was our  ‘wish book’ but NOW The Woolery website and catalog is my dream!” We, too, can remember the days when you would pour through our favorite catalog circling all the things we wanted.  Michele’s comment makes us proud to be a part of customers dreams and making them come true!  (If you haven’t used it before we do have a Wish List function on our website.  It makes it easy to keep track of your day dreams–no pen required!)

There are 7 days left in our Joy of the Toy seasonal promotion.  Keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook, Twitter, and Ravelry groups for giveaways and discounts.  We love hearing about all your favorite fiber toys.

Christmas is a time for family, friends, faith, and a bit of fun.  We hope you will be able to take some time for yourself, your family, and your community this holiday season.  And, make plans to visit us real soon.  Check out our new You Tube video and add a visit to The Woolery on your wish list!

Chris, Nancy, and the entire Woolery team!


106 responses to “The Joy of the Season

  1. I can not live without my Joy!!! Next on my list…..I am ball winderless! Dear Santa…..

  2. My sturdy project bag with a mindless project goes everywhere with me so I can be happy when I have to sit and WAIT.

  3. My most wished for fiber-toy would be Kromski Minstrel spinning wheel that I could take with me to spin. I love my Symphony, but it doesn’t like to travel.

  4. The toy I am most wishing for right now is a pair of wool combs! I loved watching your video about how to use them!

  5. Sherie McManaman

    I would wish for a 20″ Flip loom with a stand! I love my Cricket and the Flip would allow me to do wider projects on a longer warp!

  6. I would love to have my Sequoia spinning wheel or a yarn buddy, but they are both going to have to wait 😦

  7. A rag rug cutter is at the top of my wish list! Cutting rags by hand is tedious!

  8. Hmmm… so many fiber toys, so little time! 😉 I would love a loom. I don’t weave yet, but have tons of handspun and I hear that it weaves up beautifully.

    On the smaller side, I would love a lazy kate, as I don’t currently have one.

  9. I love my wheel, spindles, and all my wood needles. Actually I love all my wooden tools!

  10. My wildest Fantasy for Christmas is the one made by Kromski! I do love my heirloom spinning wheel, but like many older family members it can be a bit cantankerous!

  11. My dream gift is a drum carder. I’m very new to processing my own fleece, but I’ve used my hands for quite a few years and I fear the the carding brushes I have will get the better of me. Still, I’m very happy with all that I’ve gotten in the past year.

  12. I DREAM of running my hands over a Kromski Harp! It is SO portable and made with beautiful lines (sigh)

  13. I’m wishing, very, very hard for a Kromski Harp. This month I have woven 30 yards of linen/cotton trim and 2 – 7 foot sash/belts on my inkle looms. I hope to have some bookmarks done with names woven in for stocking stuffers. I have been thinking how nice it would be to have a rigid heddle loom to make Christmas gifts next year (who won’t want a hand woven table runner with matching napkins?)

  14. I would love to have a drum carder but hand carders would do, too!

  15. I would love a Wooly Winder in cherry as I recently pre-ordered a cherry Schacht Matchless!

  16. I’d love to have a little travel wheel. I’ve not tried spinning yet, but I’m up for it!

  17. I am dreaming of a drum carder…. I would love to have one…

  18. Oh wishing is fun!!! I wish for new teeth for my antique carder, and some day I’d love a basic jumbo flier/bobbin for my Ashford traditional but I’d be happy with a wraps-per-inch gauge too LOL!!!

  19. Since I just got my Cricket a few weeks ago, I think I’d wish for a present to give it-something like an instructional book or video, perhaps an extra heddle or fringe twister!

  20. I have been dreaming of a Schacht floor loom! What better for using up all the handspun yarn from my Lendrum complete? So many projects, so little time!

  21. My wish would be for a Bag for the Sidekick I got from the Woolery at SAFF. I think I also might be needing some more fiber.

  22. I love my Lendrum – but I do love the portability of a spindle. So I’m not sure of my favorite – but my wish list: next I want a couple more spindles and the big item would be a carder. I haven’t tried weaving yet but……..

  23. I love my Kromski Sonata… it is so much fun to use, and produces such lovely knittable yarns… my Santa is getting me some things to go with it, this year! Last year I got my Jumbo Flyer – what is NOT to love about Christmas’s like this! I also love the Woolery!

  24. I would like some small hand combs. I have larger ones but I’d like the smallest for shorter fibers. I love the way they get out vegetation and very short fibers.

  25. A Kromski Harp, 32 inch Rigid Heddle loom from the And if someone could stuff my stocking with fiber as well, I wouldn’t complain! Also, If Santa is feeling particularly generous, Carders would be lovely.

  26. I have my wonderful Kromski Sonata and Polonaise, but my daughter has since taken over my Sonata as she is now spinning (at 8!). I am fantasizing a travel wheel for either her or myself! In the meantime I’m spindling on my Avi’s while she pedals!

  27. My most wished for fiber toy would be a warping board. I really need one! Merry Christmas everyone!

  28. I really would like a nice spindle for Christmas. I LOVE spinning, but want to be able to take my work with me to our vacation condo. My wheel won’t fit in my carryon bag if I want to take clothes, too.

  29. My dream present would be a spinning wheel. I’ve always wanted to learn to spin.

  30. I love my ball winder but could really use a swift to go along side it. My kids don’t like being my swift, so I have asked Santa for one. Luckily Santa also loves the Woolery Catalog as much as I do.

  31. I would love a spinning wheel. If I got a spinning wheel I would have to believe in Santa again.

  32. My most wished for fiber toy would be some kind of dvd to teach me how to set up and use my looms . . . either that or a real teacher to come help me!

  33. My favorite tool is my internet/computer. It lets me buy fibers and then visit the websites of the people who raise the animals. I can research all the latest and greatest tools and gadgets for spinning, weaving, dyeing, combing carding and more! (That is how I came to be asking Santa for a new ball winder. Lol.)
    My computer also lets me visit with like minded creative people on sites like yahoo groups and ravelry. I can also “visit” stores like The Woolery when I live too far away to be there in person. I also love my online wish list and shopping cart!!
    Hands on fiber tools are wonderful and I love all of them, but the computer is my favorite enabler and bringer of fiber fellowship for sure!
    Merry Christmas, happy holidays and have a wonderful new year!

  34. Dear Santa, I’ve been a good girl this year. What I would love for Christmas is a spinning wheel. But, if you can’t bring me a spinning wheel, then a drop spindle would do just fine.

  35. I would love to wish for space in which to set up my table loom and a refresher course on weaving!

  36. My favourite toy would be my spinning wheel – a louet

  37. If I could have any fiber toy in the world, it would have to be an Ashford drum carder. How many possibilities there are when you move beyond hand cards! 🙂

  38. If Santa could bring me a Gruber’s rug hooking frame, that would be wonderful!

  39. My favorite fiber toy (at the moment anyway) is my Ladybug. On my wish list this year is the Bulky Flyer.

  40. I will be taking a spinning class in January and I’ve already got my eyes on a few drop spindles.

  41. My most wished for fiber toy this year would be an electric bobbin winder, the bobbin winder I have is an old HD crank that has to be at least 30 years old and makes an awful noise when I use it.

  42. I love working with my drop spindle in unexpected places: the library, in line at the DMV, and assorted restaurants.

    • So I not the only doing one that has some kind of project with meet at all times, one never knows how long you have to wait.

  43. I really want to get a drum carder, but it’s out of my budget.

  44. My most-wished for fibre toy is a drumcarder! I would especially like an Ashford standard as I tried it at Guild and loved it to pieces.

  45. I have interested in card weaving, a card weaving kit would make learning easy.

  46. I’m wishing for an antique sock knitting machine. Some day…. In the meantime, I knit socks using two pairs of dpns or the magic loop method. I like both socks to be done at the same time so I don’t forget anything tricky I may have done.

  47. Martha Manigross

    I’m hoping to learn to spin in 2012…might have to start small with a spindle but will hopefully one day be able to have a nice spinning wheel….so I can spin my own yarns for weaving.
    I’d also love a Wolf Pup! 🙂

  48. I want one of Otto’s finest drum carders

  49. OHH MYY I have just started my Woolery WISH LIST!! I am adding that fantastic Andean Plying tool! PLEASE SANTA!

  50. My most wished for item is a Majacraft Suzie Professional! I would dearly love one of these exquisite wheels!

  51. My favorite fiber toys are my spindles. They are beautiful, can go just about anywhere with me and, with just a little bit of fluff, can make waiting for medical appointments much more productive and fun. 🙂

  52. I’m dreaming of an Ashford Elizabeth ❤

  53. I am wishing for the Andean Ply tool. I was lucky enough to go to my very first SOAR this year, squeeeeee! I learned how to Andean Ply, from Maggie Casey! Turns out, I am not that good at it. I saw the Andean Ply tool when making my wish list and knew I had to have it. So that is #1 on my wish list!

  54. Lotsofhermies on Rav

    I want a spinning wheel. A little travel one but it is so hard to chose more research but I want one.

  55. I’d love to get a small portable loom like a Baby Wolf or Wolf Pup someday. But in the near future, I’m most likely to get a new ball winder to replace my broken one. Such a handy tool!

  56. A Schacht Matchless spinning wheel … ahh pure joy !!!

  57. A warping wheel would help me measure longer warps next year!

  58. I just got my Kiwi 2 weeks ago and I’m loving it. I would wish for a pair of hand carders. I want to purchase locks and comb them myself 🙂 Merry Christmas Everyone and Happy Spinning!

  59. Right now I am very much wishing for a niddy noddy. Having to wind my skeins on the legs of my dining room chair is quite cumbersome!

  60. I love my schacht spindle and my Kromski niddy noddy but I really, really want a minstrel spinning wheel. I love spinning and knitting.

  61. A Schacht Matchless (cherry would be the icing on an otherwise delicious cake) would be dreamy! Oh, and less lofty of a wish, a Golding Spindle.

  62. I would love to have a loom! Something old and finicky that takes time to get to know intimately.

  63. Love Love Love the pretty spindles

  64. Yvette M. Plouffe

    I would love a beautiful spindle. It would make a dream come true if I could bcomee coordinated enough to do spinning on a spindle!

  65. I would love a yarn swift!

  66. I am a newbie in the spinning world and I just received my first order from The Woolery this past week! I am having a hard time doing my Holiday tasks as the wool and wheel beckon, “come hither”! If my dreams were to come true and the spinning fairies ….errr ahem I mean “Santa Baby” was about to grant my wish…I would squueze my eye closed tight and whisper that I wanted an unfinished Kromski Distaff! “I know Santa’s for real…I know Santa’s for real!” Merry Christmas! 😉

  67. Elizabeth McDonald

    I would loooove a Schacht flip rigid heddle loom.

  68. Indeed Christmas is about all the nice f-words: friends, fun and of course food 😉

    I love most of your items I saw in the catalog. Circular needles are so nice to work with, but I am a sucker for stitch markers and I especially like the cat stitch markers you have for sale. There is only one thing: what on earth are Darning eggs? What do you use those for? Please help me out…

    Have a nice day all! Ciao, Fleur (Fleurtje-Eliza on Ravelry)

    • Darning eggs are used as a base when darning (repairing holes) in socks… I really need one, as my husband wears his hand knit socks ALL the time.

      • Ah, thanks so much for explaining! DH doesn’t want me to knit socks for him, but I knitted him a warm sweater once and he always wears it on cold winter days. Not that there are many of those so far here in Holland. There was a rumor about having a horror winter 2011/12, but it still looks like fall here. Luckily I have enough knitted woolies for myself if it turns out to be horrifically cold, I am so sensitive to cold. Brrrrrrr!

  69. Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth, oh no wait a minute, I have those, but Santa, I would love to have my very own Strauch Finest Drum Carder, that way I could make myself all kinds of run art batts.

    Merry Christmas to All and to all a Good Night!

  70. The tool I can’t live without is my brain, it’s not always effective and quite often unable to hold a thought. After that it must be my little gem spinning wheel – just love it.

  71. A tool I can’t live without? My knit kit, it’s quick easy and all in one place.

    I’d love to get a small travel wheel. While I already have a lady bug and fantasia, I’d love something smaller to take with me to coffee shops.

  72. rosebob from ravelry

    Your toys look amazing, I think my Christmas stocking is empty without any!

  73. My wish list has a set of blocking pads so I can finally block the scarf I finished a couple weeks ago. (cnuland on rav)

  74. My wish is for some extra 16″ cables to go with my Hiya Interchangeable Needles and maybe the next set of the larger sized needles, those too with extra 16″ cables since that seems to be the diameter I knit with 85% of the time. 🙂

  75. When you first started this, as a new spinner, I felt overwhelmed at the thought of selecting out ONE item. I’m still learning what I am doing! I KNOW that my next big purchase will be a set of English combs, but that’s not exactly an accessory. As the days have gone by, and I look at the items you post, I got to thinking about where I am right now in building my spinning skills, and realized that a very useful accessory for me would be something like the Wrap-per-inch tool, which would help me develop consistency in the diameter (and twist) of my spinning, Thanks for making me really think in terms, not of what SEEMS desirable, but in terms of what is the small tool that will help me become a better spinner. I may not “win” a WPI tool, but it definitely is on my wish list (and hint list) now!

  76. I would love some hand carders or a drum carder…. Amd a toy to keep my almost 3 year old occupied while i spin some ;P

  77. Weaving toys!! Can’t live without my ballwinder.

  78. I love my hand spindles but I’m dreaming of a spinning wheel.

  79. I have such a big wish this year. I wish for a spinning wheel that will take my spinning of my hand harvest cashmere fiber to the next level. With a spinning wheel, a much needed tool in my fiber arts business I would have the ability to put my farm business on the map. To truly turn out the quantity it will take to make my business stand out and prosper. With my Charka I have control and a passion for fiber spinning, but to truly put myself back to work. What a dream come true.

  80. My dream come true and impossible wish is a SpinOlution Mach 3 wheel (sigh)

  81. I know you liked my comment, and I meant every word ! Please please Santa, make my dream come true! I am disabled and rarely leave the house, the Mach 3 would bring me so much joy!

  82. My dream gift is a drum carder. I’m really getting into blending my dyed fiber into new colors, my hand-carders are starting to get really tired and want to take a rest.

  83. I wish Santa would come with an Ashford Traveler this year!

  84. I cannot begin to tell you how much I have enjoyed cyber shopping at your website. I have never been disappointed. I received my Schacht Mighty Wolf the second week in December as Nancy said and have my first weaving project on now.
    Now to order some weaving yarn from you.

  85. Michelle Oeltjenbruns

    My wish would be for Birch Crochet hooks!!!!

  86. I am looking for a good production wheel-in the mean time the Lendrum is doing fine and I have plenty of yarn to knit into scarves while I am awaiting the results of my mother’s angiogram tomorrow!

  87. My wildest dream come true would be to receive a Schacht Baby Wolf 4+4 and some quality time with Nancy R. to get really good at using it. More realistically, I’d love to find a diz in my stocking because I’ve never really tried to use one.

  88. Still love my Ladybug wheel the most

  89. I still love my Lendrum. Happy Holidays,
    PS. Dear Santa, “Lenny would like a girlfriend”;)

  90. I am fascinated by the Lendrums…they look so compact and portable.

  91. I can’t live without my “needle sizer/ gauge check” tool. I use it for every single knitting project and can’t imagine my knitting life without it. I hope to find some on sale after the holidays since I’d love to have one in every knitting bag I own.

  92. I dream big (Schacht Matchless or maybe a Lendrum) and I dream small (Schacht Flip) but the Woolery always enhances my dreaming. More fun and less fattening than sugarplums.

  93. Dreaming big here, and dreaming of a Lt Baby Wolf by Schacht. But my Kromski harp will have to do. I don’t really have the place for the Wolf (I’d throw out the couch, but DH wouldn’t agree). But dreaming small means a spindle or even a wheel. Every since I was a young girl, I admired those ladies who used to spin their wool to weave the cloth and turn it into clothes.

    My favorite tool, I’d say my yarn buddy. It accompanies me on just about every time I warp my Harp.

  94. I DEARLY hope I am commenting in the right place!!
    I am dreaming of a Wolf Pup… JUST the right size! And I know as my space allotment changes, the Woolery has what I need to upgrade to the Mighty Wolf one day!!
    THANK YOU WOOLERY – for giving me hope… and dreams.
    I love all the tools you are highlighting!!

  95. A new day, full of fibery dreams! I am thankful for the opportunity to share those dreams and to even have the chance to make them come true! A wolf pup is in my heart today, thank you

  96. I need to try some of these amazing tools, I am afraid I am still quite primitive and yet to discover these new gadgets.

  97. As for my most valuable tools I really love my hand made spinning wheel and all the spindles that i have. But all these tools would be useless with out the best two tools of all. The hands that know how to make the tools work. I am so thankful that God has given me the skills to sue them wisely and creatively.

  98. I loved seeing the video of your shop. I have a trip planned for next week, but unfortunately, Frankfort is out of the way. A trip to your shop is on my wishlist!

  99. I’m a extended time watcher and I just thought I’d drop by and say hello there there for your really very first
    I significantly delight in your posts. Thank you
    You will be my role models. Thanks to the article

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