Toy Season is Here! Plus, how to drop a hint. . .

Spindles with fiber and fringe twisting gadgets.

Temples that stay and cone-holders  handy.

Brown paper packages from The Woolery.

These are a few of my favorite things.

Ok, ok, you get it.  It’s toy season!  Starting December 8 through December 21 we are celebrating with twelve days of toys for fiber lovers.  Each day during the celebration, we will feature a favorite fiber toy on our website complete with special deals  and giveaways. Keep your eye on Facebook, Twitter, and Ravelry for updates!

Make Santa’s Life Easier

Want to drop a hint to the gift-givers in your life to your secret (or not so secret) fiber longings? Check out our Gift Registry.  It is an easy way for you to create a list for Santa and share it with the world.  Don’t make gift-giving stressful for others!  Help them out.  Believe me, they will thank you for it.

Let the toy season begin!

Chris, Nancy and the entire Woolery Team!


146 responses to “Toy Season is Here! Plus, how to drop a hint. . .

  1. I love toys – one of my favorite crafting toys right now are lockable stitch markers. I use them the traditional way in knitting but they also come in very handy for keeping track of how long my weaving is on the rigid heddle loom. Every ten inches I place one of the markers and then all I have to do is count them to figure out if I have woven far enough. I love it when a tool made for one thing can be used for many other things as well

  2. My Lady Bug

  3. I can’t wait for this toy sale! How exciting. I don’t know if I can decide which my favorite crafting toy is. I think right this second it’s my new fiber-only crock pot for hand dyes.

  4. How exciting! Happy holidays

  5. My Addi Clicks. Love these.

  6. Kallie (KallieKY on Ravelry)

    Right now I think my favorite toy are my wool combs. I don’t know what took me so long to try them!

  7. My favorite toy is the new spindle that I simply know Santa will be leaving in my stocking for Christmas morning. You know, Santa always makes wishes come true.

  8. Right now my new to me toy is an antique Cromaine Crafts Small Portable Loom made somewhere between 1930-40 that I won at an Auction. I am new to weaving and I want to be able to use my handspun on this loom.

  9. my new fave toy is my schacht is it fun even though im so bad at spinning..i thought id be a everything i do 😉 but i am definitely going to need to practice with this activity

  10. Love the toys.

  11. My current favorite toy is the beautiful inkle loom my husband built me this summer. I’m still having fun making bands to complete all sorts of projects!

  12. My favorite toy is my new wheel! I am having a blast spinning up a storm!

  13. I just put together my first spinning wheel, a Kromski Sonata, and can’t help but smile whenever I walk by it, never mind spinning on it! Definitely my new favourite toy 🙂

  14. My Ashford hand carders. It’s my first experience with carding and not only are they fun for me, but my grandsons love to card with me, too!

  15. My favorite toy is by far, my loom!

  16. Right now, my loom. I have started making at least 15 minutes a day to sit down at the loom and I am loving it. I love the idea of using stitch markers on the loom to mark length and I would love a drop spindle.

  17. My favorite toy is my drum carder! I can make so many different blends of fibers in a short amount of time with it.

  18. Well my Kromski Symphany is my favorite toy – of course (I miss it when we are apart), but second to that is my large Fair Trade woven basket that I keep my working stash of fiber in. I just love the thing – it is big enough to hold in all the fluff and can easily be covered to keep the cats out when I step away. Plus it looks cool as a decoration sitting next to my wheel when company comes. Rather than looking like I just left my project in a mess, it adds a rustic feel to the decor 🙂

  19. My favorite toy right now is my new Lendrum spinning wheel – Sweet!!

  20. Lindaran (on Rav)

    I’m very new to spinning (read: one class under my belt) so I’m waiting to try out spinning toys, but I just got my first set of interchangeable circular needles this past spring and I love the convenience! I never knew what I was missing.

  21. The potholder loom is a great toy for older kids. I love mynew one.

  22. thetinfoilhatsociety

    Ooh, do I have to choose? I think my current favorite toy is my lace weight drop spindle. I had no idea that even plying wouldn’t be a horrible chore on a spindle if you are just patient – although trying Andean plying with a full cop resulted in my throwing away more than a little of my hard work. Before that though my favorite was my hand combs. Arizona sheep have lots of prickly things in their fleeces!

  23. when I was a child, the Sears catalog was our “wish book” = but NOW, the Woolery website and catalog is my DREAM!!
    I have always loved the toy = THE LAZY PAYTON, because I love my spindles and think this beautifully designed display is perfect for them!

  24. oonagh rabenwald

    favorite toy is my interchangeable knitting needle set…….makes switching projects easy!! also, my notebook section of my ravelry page, makes keeping organized SO much simpler; could def use an at-home computer program that would replicate it.

    • Hi there, this comment was randomly selected as one of our 12 Days of Fiber Toys Giveaway winners! Please e-mail your shipping information to info(at)woolery(dot)com at your earliest convenience to claim your prize! Thanks!

  25. My indespensible item is my needle sizer. thanks, Debbie H

  26. My spindles are my favorite fiber toys, though I need to get back to doing more spinning. At the moment the most useful fiber “toy” is my row counter, which is helping me keep track of where I am on the last piece of the sweater I’m knitting for my husband.

    (InJuneau on Ravelry too)

  27. Absolutely love my Ashford spinning wheel….sooo much faster than the drop spindle! Spin….spin….spin…..

  28. My favorite toy is my Kromski Sonata…. I love spinning on it….

  29. My current favorite toy is my trusty size 8 “16” circular needle. I seem to be able to make almost anything on it. I’m hoping for a new favorite this Christmas in a niddy noddy to go with my new wheel.

  30. Spindles! All shapes, all sizes, spindles are my favorite 🙂

  31. My current favorite toy is my new drum carder. I am having a ball with all the batts I have been blending. Now I need to take time to spin them on my other favorite toy, my Kromski wheel.

  32. My favorite toy today?? Has to be my louet mini combs. Love using them with my hackle to blend fibers and colors.

  33. Knittingdancer on Ravelry

    My favorite new knitting toy is my interchangable wood needles.

  34. I’m fairly new to weaving, so I don’t have too many little toys yet. My loom is my favorite big toy, though! I’d love a cloth cutter!

  35. I have to say that my favorite knitting toy is my interchangeable needles but my favorite spinning toy is my wheel and my favorite tatting toy is my lovely bubinga wood shuttle . . .

    I really would love to tell you what my favorite weaving toy is but I haven’t started weaving yet, so I just don’t know . . . maybe a dvd on how to get started?

  36. My favorite toy right now is a small four-harness table loom that was handmade by my late father-in-law. It’s a great tool for practicing skills and trying out new techniques and patterns, especially for a newish weaving student like me, and it always reminds me of the wonderful man who passed away earlier this year.

  37. My favourite toy is definitely my wheel – a castle-style wheel from the flea market. I love my spindles but I haven’t really spun with them much since I learned to use the wheel 🙂

  38. My favorite everyday toy is my large inkle loom. I can warp up 7 yards at a time. My favorite wish list toy is the Kromski prelude. I got to spin on one that belongs to a friend and I fell in love. Want!

  39. My favorite toy is my Louet S-10. It’s a vintage beauty and works perfect for me.

  40. Currently my hand carders. I wound up with a kilo of free merino in September that couldn’t be spun until it had been recarded. Finally got hand carders at the start of November and, although it feels really slow going, it’s SO gratifying to see the sack of merino get steadily smaller as I spin it up!

  41. Posting for the contest. Living on SS and Disability. Weaving can’t come out of the household budget, only on what I make and stuff doesn’t exactly fly off the shelf on Etsy. Would appreciate winning *something*.

  42. Currently it’s my Cricket

  43. My favorite toy is my Majacraft Suzie Pro – tho I’m eyeing some new toys – drum carder or combs…..

  44. My favorite “toy” is my interchangeable needle set. I use it constantly on multiple projects!

  45. My favorite “toy” is my spinning wheel but I think I could also have a new one if I got some interchangeable addi’s!

  46. Spindles! It has to be spindles! I almost never leave The Woolery without a new spindle in hand. I did last time but I blame the fact I was Christmas shopping for Mom! Though I did leave with a basket for me…

  47. Lotsofhermies on Rav

    I love my bottom whorl spindle.

  48. My favorite toy is my Ashford Spinning Wheel and all the great fiber you can get to go crazy with! I have so many fibers now in my stash I have stop buying them until I get through half of what I have. My other thought is to learn to dye and I could make my own great handpainted fibers. I just love the idea of the 12 Days of Christmas. Great thought by somebody!

  49. My favorite toy is my tiny Turkish Spindle, in a cool little carry bag. I can spin at the park while I watch my grandson playing (hard to do with my wheel)!

  50. My favorite toy is my Kromski Sonata spinning wheel. The carry case is terrific. I have been know to carry it to work and spin during lunch. Crowds gather around and want to learn more and ask lots of questions about the spinning wheel and the art of spinning. Makes me feel terrific to know I can get someone interested in such a wonderful craft.
    Jackie C.

  51. My favorite fiber toy is my Ladybug spinning wheel…

  52. My current favorite toy is my knitting needles… i am keeping lots of projects to relax and enjoy some quiet time. And of course yarn and all that goes with it… mostly just the quiet creation of pretty things 🙂

  53. Sherri Abromavage

    My favorite toy right now is the Avi Wasserman spindle my husband got me for my annual birthday trip to the shop, in March. It spins so beautifully.

  54. The best tool for knitting for me is a crocheting hook, because I seem to be dropping stitches like that is the way to knit 😉

  55. My favorite fiber is alpaca but I also like merino. As far as tools go I really enjoy my spindle but am looking forward to owning a spinning wheel someday.

  56. Right now my favorite crafting tool is my spinning wheel. My husband and I decided two weeks ago to send handspun to his mother and grandmother as Christmas gifts. I’m so grateful I have my wheel or I might have been working on it until way after the holidays!

  57. My favorite toy has to be my hackle that was handmade by a friend!! Love combining all different fibers to make gorgeous rovings to spin from! 🙂

    • Hi there, this comment was randomly selected as one of our 12 Days of Fiber Toys Giveaway winners! Please e-mail your shipping information to info(at)woolery(dot)com at your earliest convenience to claim your prize! (If you’ve already sent it, we think it might have gotten lost in the shuffle, so please do re-send!) Thanks!

  58. My newest very favorite toy is my ball winder! I’ve only wanted one for about 10 years now and was going to put it on my Christmas list this year. BUT, I couldn’t wait any longer and just bought it! I sound like a 2 year old in a toy store I know. I have llamas, process thier fiber and have been hanging that hank around a chair long enough to wind a ball!!

  59. My favorite toy would be my niddy noddy because without it id never know how much I’ve spun

  60. My 8 shaft loom is my favorite toy. It is, however, one of those toys that keeps needing more accessories to go along with it.

  61. I bought the fringe twister from the Woolery and it’s the best little tool for making perfect fringe!

  62. My favorite toy is my Lendrum DT wheel! I’m hoping Santa will bring me some bobbins.

  63. My favorite toy right now is my sock knitting loom. I’m not good at knitting with needles but this makes it so easy.

  64. My favorite toy is probably my Ladybug wheel, but I really want some Addi clicks….

  65. Can I call Ramie a toy?? If so, then that’s my favorite one right now. If it isn’t, then my favorite toy is my drop spindle.

  66. My favorite toy is my brand spanking new very fast flyer for my Lendrum wheel. WOW! I have some baby camel that is spinning up so beautifully!

  67. I love my spindles, wood needles, and nostepinnne, and well all of them, but those are my top 3.

  68. I have been shopping at The Woolery for years and I tell everyone I know what a great place to shop it is:)

  69. My favorite toy? I haven’t decided quit yet, this is all new to me right now. We bought an alpaca heard and are jus getting into the fiber part of the business. I am wanting to earn to weave, spin, etc so I know a little about all aspects of the process. Right now I think my favorite “toy” might be some lessons to get me started and then the toy supply might be endless.

  70. Toys are the bestest! Thank yiu

  71. Favorite toy?? I don’t really know.. but I love all things CROCHET! And the most luxurious, soft wool yarn I have ever touched is Qiviut! I visited the Musk Ox farm in Alaska, a little north of Anchorage, and discovered this treasure for the first time.

  72. My favorite toy is my Lendrum Spinning Wheel – I have the Plying head but sadly do not have the larger bobbins =) Maybe santa will forgive my bad deeds this year!

  73. Yarn winder! It has saved so much time and yarn! I hope to get a spinning wheel soon so It may replace the winder as my fav.

  74. My favorite is hard to pick. I love my Ashford spinning wheel, and only want to play with my 32″ Kromski rigid headdle loom. Pick me Please!

  75. My favourite toy is a really gorgeous spindle I got at a fleece festival! It’s light and colourful, so it’s great for spinning laceweight. (And yes, it needs to be colourful to spin laceweight.)

  76. My Strauch drum carder!

  77. SO many toys, SO little time!
    My fav toys have to be my hand carders. OH, what lovely fibers they blend…

  78. Pick me, please. My favorite toy is my Schacht floor loom. But, I wouldn’t mind at all it I had a new toy like a spindle. 🙂 Been wanting one, Santa, and it’s on my Christmas list.

  79. My hand cards I can’t live without them….

  80. Andrea Sinclair

    My favorite fiber toy has got to be my Lendrum wheel – especially with a very fast flyer! Zooms faster than a Red Rider BB gun…

  81. Lets see, my newest toy is my wheel, although the only thing new about it is the flyer and bobbins. It’s an Ashford ’82 Traddy and I LOVE her to bits! I got her for free – well, in exchange for teaching her former owner how to spin on a drop spindle – but she came minus the flyer. Another friend asked me to housesit for a weekend and as a reward bought me the sliding hook flyer. I have been spinning away happily ever since!

  82. Odediah Skolnick

    My favorite fiber is flax. I love spinning flax.

  83. My favorite toy is my spindles. I think my favorite right now is my 2″ Golding.

  84. I just received a spinning gauge from the Woolery (my very first purchase) and I’m really happy with the gauge and the service I got from the Woolery. No excuse for inconsistent spinning now! I’ll be back, thank you for being there Woolery team =D

  85. I love gadgets! My favorite one at this moment is my Pinkie wheel by Babe Fiber Garden. I have several wheels but this is the one I go to for teaching others to spin. Spreading the addiction is what it is all about 😀

  86. I found a used Ashford Traveler at a weavers shop in Austin in ’98 and taught myself to spin. In the time I have had it I have repaired it with a classical guitar B string, a piece of an old belt, and some wood glue. I have no idea how old it is, but hope it never dies.

  87. I have too many fav toys to mention. I love my spinning wheel, but am so glad I have my drum carder and dyeing tools, too. I even love my hand cards… all wonderful fiber toys… even my knitting needles all into a fav category too.

  88. As silly as it might sound, my favorite toy is my umbrella swift. It looks super cool while I’m winding my hand dyed yarn off it into balls, and I love the foomp sound it makes when the last bit of yarn comes off.

  89. It’s hard to choose just one fiber tool. I guess if I have to choose one, I would say my mini combs. I love working with combed top.

  90. I am a beginning spinner, and everything is exciting to me. I am saving up for a pair of English combs (I live in sheep (and llama and mohair) country and want to be able to buy local fleeces and process them myself, so those would be my dream toys. I also just realized that I need some storage spools. But of what I have now, other than my wheel… it’d be the small stash of different kinds of top that I have been spending every day learning from. So much fun, and so much to learn!

  91. My favorite toy is my interchangeable knitting needles. I keep intending to get a drop spindle and learn to spin but my stash has grown so big that I feel guilty for not knitting it all up.

  92. Love my Ladybug spinning wheel

  93. I do love drop spindles, but my favorite fiber toy is my Mighty Wolf – and it can always use more boat shuttles! 🙂

  94. Oh there are so many toys how can I pick just one? I love my Majacraft Suzie pro we make wonderful goodness together. I also love my Cricket loom, we make lots of scarfs, bags and fabric toether! Although I would love a new Ashford knitters loom for xmas!

  95. Sally Vourlojianis

    leicester longwool fiber from Ann’s farm

  96. I love my denise interchangeable needles. And I would love to win something! Pick me!

  97. I love my Denise Interchangeable Needle Set. 🙂

  98. I love whatever knitting or spinning tool is at hand…or at least within a few steps! Drawers of combs, and needles, and yarn, and spindles. Floor filled with 10 spinning wheels. And bookshelves filled with all kinds of yarn porn!

  99. My favorite toy is my interchangeable needle set. I always have the right size!

  100. I thought about all the tools and gadgets I have and it is hands down my Ashford Traditional wheel. I could not do without it!

  101. My daughter just took a class today, and informed me she wanted a loom for Christmas. So, being brand new to the craft, I guess we would have to say the new toy is….the loom!

  102. I’m really enjoying my new Cricket-I can see how weaving might become an addiction. Now to get the hang of my spindle so I can weave what I spin.

  103. My newest favorite toy is the Andean plying tool I just ordered!

  104. My favorite “toy” (I like to use the word tool, not toy) is my lovely antique spinning wheel, Sofia.
    Picture here:

  105. Most useful device at the moment is the needle measure – I have so many unmarked circular and dpns that it is essential.
    My current “toy” is my rigid heddle loom and brand new 12 dent heddle. I’m still in the planning stages for the next project!

  106. My favorite tool… I don’t know if it’s a tool really but last year my cormo/babydoll cross’s fleece was junk because he lives with alpacas and when they eat it all showers down on him. So this year his covered with a jacket to prevent him from lookinf like a walking hay bale. I get so excited when I peek under that jacket so I guess it’s my favorite tool.

  107. reading through the comments, there are LOTS of fun toys out there! Wow!! My favorite are the two sets of dpn’s my kids and I made from dowels I bought at Home Depot!! I love the looks I get when I’m in there with my needle gauge trying to pick out the size I need for new needles. I have a set of 11’s and a set of 8’s that I’ve made so far. The kids enjoy “decorating” them with sharpies for me!

  108. My favorite toy, rather toys, are my spindles. I love each and
    everyone of them for different reasons. Now that I have found
    spinning I cannot imagine being with spindles and fluff!

  109. I love all my toys, my spindles, spinning wheels, looms but I couldn’t live without knitting needles. My favorite at the momment are 5 inch Brittany birch DP needles which are great for knitting the fingers of gloves.

  110. Favorite toy – cricket loom.

  111. My favorite toy is an oldie but a goodie – my swift!

  112. My favorite toy is my daughter’s Babe Pinkie wheel. It’s so easy to haul around that I can spin almost anywhere!

  113. My Favorite new toy is my new spinning wheel.

  114. My favorite portable toys are my spindles, in particular the Golding spindle and the Mjollner.

  115. My favorite fiber toy is a toss-up between two: it’s either my salad spinner or my fan. Sounds so prosaic, because there are much more exciting items that I love. But seriously, without these two, my fiber life would suffer.

  116. My favorite new toy at the moment is my cute little Cricket rigid heddle loom. And now to shop at the Woolery for more heddles!

  117. My favorite toy is my drum carder, but I also love my spindles, and looms and wheels….Fiber is such a wonderful thing to play with!

  118. favorite things!
    spindles are certainly a fabulous, fiberous, favorite!

  119. My favorite toy for sure is my Trindle Spindle. Learning to spin was so much easier when I found these at SAFF.

  120. What a wonderful idea! I am still working on Christmas gifts…happens every year

  121. My favorite fiber toy right now is the little square loom thing (I forge the name) that was my grandmother’s. There’s one woven square, maybe just to show what the little gadget can do. I have not woven on it yet, but I’m looking forward to it!

  122. I have 2 favorites… the Kokovoko Spindle Lap Bowl & a 7 yr old Knit Knack Spindle Sack from SOAR. Both of them are quite often the envy of my spinning guild since I can just pick up my spinning & go.

  123. The Woolery is my favorite place on the web to surf! Getting one of their packages in the mail is like Christmas year round… Now if only I had more time to spin and weave!

  124. My favorite all time “toy” is my Kromski Sonata 2006 travel spinning wheel. The Woolery is a wonderful source for all of the parts of your spinning wheel that may wear out. I recently visited the Frankfort, Kentucky brick and mortar store. The owners are kind and knowledgeable. Merry Christmas!

    • That is one of the things I love about the Woolery… every time I’ve called (since 2009 when I started spinning) is always a good experience. I have not had an opportunity to visit the store, but it IS on my bucket list! I love the Woolery!

  125. My favorite fiber toys are always….fiber!!! Silk caps, flax strick, roving, roving, roving. I suppose my English wool combs are my favorite fiber toys that aren’t actual fiber.

  126. My favorite toy would have to be my Matchless. I have found that I really need a toy called “the andean Plying Tool”.

  127. Oh, I am late to the game! But I cannot decide which toy is my favorite. I love them all.

  128. One of my favorite fiber toy is my new drop spindle I picked up from The Recycled Lamb in Lakewood, Colorado. It was hand made by a gentleman in the neighborhood. not only is it a great drop spindle but it was made in America!

  129. These toys are the greatest! Always remember, one is never too old to get toys for Christmas!! a happy crafter

  130. My favorite toy is all of them!! 🙂

  131. Andean Plying Tool is a must have!

  132. I love my yarn bowl from The Woolery!!!

  133. My favorite toy is my Majacraft Pioneer spinning wheel. She purrs along making laceweight and just as easily cranks out super bulky art yarn. I can’t imagine ever NEEDING another wheel, but WANTING is different from needing isn’t it?

  134. Favorite toy: My Lendrum!

  135. Both my RIck Reeves spinning wheels, though if I have to choose only one, I think it would be the castle wheel over the Saxony, since it’s easier to carry with me.

  136. Sally Vourlojianis

    My Golding drop spindle!

  137. As a new spinner I would love for Santa to bring me a niddy noddy. Such a funny little tool but it does to much. Directions on how to fold and twist one of those skeins once they are taken off the niddy noddy would be great too…

  138. My favourite toy? Hmmm. I guess it would be all my dvds and downloads. I have spinning, weaving, dyeing, knitting and I love them all. I watch them over and over.

  139. My FAVORITE weaving toy is a temple . I love rigid heddle weaving!

  140. My most used toy is my 42year old Ashford single treadle spinning wheel

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